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Reality Tidbits

Kyle Sandilands is in trouble again because of comments about Tiger Wood’s todger (sorry about the vernacular but don’t want to be hit with people searching for porn) – (Source: The Age)

Joel Betts who came third in Australian Survivor (did anyone actually watch that show?) has been charged with stabbing his ex-girlfriend according to the Sunday Telegraph.

Nigel Lythgoe thinks all the judges on American Idol should be replaced according to E Online.

Dave Levey won Season 6 Hell’s Kitchen Reality Wanted has an interview with him and his plans.

You knew it was going to happen, Tiger’s mistress Rachel Uchitel will be on Dancing With the Stars ( Source: Grapevine)

Brian McFadden says Simon Cowell is happy he is on Australia’s Got Talent (Source: Entertainment STV)

Idol Gives Back has raised $45 million thus far (Source: Zap To It)

Crystal Bowersox wants to win American Idol (Source Radar Online)

So You Think You Can Dance All-Star Season Dancers Revealed, not sure if we are getting the season in Australia as Channel Ten appear to have stopped screening them (Source: E Online )

Simon Cowell made even more money last year (Source: LA Online Blog )

Season 1 runner up of So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Rhys Borbridge appears to be back performing with The Fairies.

Real TV Addict has a entertaining article on the 12 worst reality TV makeovers. They mainly are about the show Trading Places.


1 Liss { 04.25.10 at 8:17 am }

Yay. My Olivia will be so pleased Elfie is coming back :)

2 charades { 04.25.10 at 12:22 pm }

Kyle really is an attention whore. He and Mcfadden trying for as much publicity as they can for the sorry little show they are on atm ? SAd little people , both of them. I would like to say males, but neither seem to have the bottle that Kyle talks about .

3 Wurstsemmel { 04.25.10 at 1:51 pm }

Real TV Addict highlights some horror makeovers but he/she obviously hasn’t seen some of the ’60 minute make0vers’ on 72.
I’m sure much of that work has to be redone.

4 Izobel2 { 04.26.10 at 1:28 pm }

Agree Wurstsemmel! 60 minute makeover with Claire Sweeney has some pretty crazy makeovers…. cameramen doing painting over wallpaper etc. Very entertaining – but I’d lock my doors if they rolled up at my place!