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Reality Tidbits – Monday Evening

Rob Mills is going to play Danny in Grease, also I Will Survive Stephen Mahey will have a support role. (Source:

A new book about reality make over shows, says the viewers are savvy about the tricks used in this show but remain emotionally invested in the contestants. (Source: Scoop NZ)

Isabella and Sophia of Junior Masterchef fame are currently in South Africa to cook for an audience at the Food and Wine Store in Capetown. (Source: The Citizen Online)

Polly and Waz from The Block got married. It looks like cost was not a problem as the reception was in Guilliame in the Opera House. (Source: Woman’s Day)

The Good Weekend caught up with “Outback Jack” aka Vadim Dale looking at his post reality TV life as a local police officer in Kentucky. It is a really interesting read. (Source: SMH)

CBS have apologised over the latest episode of The Amazing Race which was staged in Vietnam with one shot in front of a wreckage of a B 52 bomber. This was apparently insensitive to the grieving families and soilders left behind. (Source: Willits News)

Kyle Sandilands has told Tracey Grimshaw that he is no misogynist. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Is a game show based on UNO being made overseas, and there could be prize money worth up to $1 million. (Source: Deadline)

Tori Spelling slams the Kardashians because there was alligator hunting on their show Kim and Kourtney Take Miami. It was a plot line for Kourtney’s husband Scott who struggles to find anything to do but party. (Source: Radar Online)

Claudia Jamieson was the latest person fired from Celebrity Apprentice All Stars. (Source: Reality TV World)




1 chasingvegas { 03.27.13 at 8:16 am }

Thanx RR for the link to the Outback Jack story. I was a big fan of the show & found the chemistry that both Vadim & Natalie shared was amazing. (remember the scene when they went ‘camping’ & she was looking for a power outlet for her hair dryer…hilarious) Happy to see they are still going strong, have a beautiful family and have managed to stay so wonderfully grounded.

2 Sandii { 03.27.13 at 11:12 am }

What an amazing story about outback jack

3 Culinary Boner { 03.27.13 at 11:34 am }

Unlike some reality dating shows I did enjoy watching the fish-out-water, looks-obsessed American chicks vying for the attention of ‘Outback Jack’.

He at least had the sense to vote with his head, rather than his dick, and went for the quirky Natalie. A good lesson to the other wannabees on reality dating shows. Always go for the quality chick or bloke, presuming some have slipped through the selection process.

4 Jason { 03.27.13 at 11:51 am }

Isn’t Polly the daughter of Ch 9’s Dr Ric Carter? Perhaps that is why money is no issue…

5 Littlepetal { 03.27.13 at 3:27 pm }

Isabella and Sophia will put the current MKR contestants to shame.

6 Daisy { 03.27.13 at 3:32 pm }

Yes LittlePetal. I love those girls. They are so cute.

7 A.P { 03.27.13 at 6:52 pm }

Good story on Outback Jack, glad he has found happiness with Natalie, but very sad that his mum in Australia has not seen him for seven years or met her three grand daughters, that is not right, surely they could fly her over to see them?

8 Reality Raver { 03.27.13 at 11:06 pm }

AP – I thought that when I read it, but it does say he was studying for a few years and also the job he is in is not that highly paid. The mum sounds like she was seriously injured so may be unable to fly. But agree 7 years is a long time.

9 Dr T { 03.27.13 at 11:07 pm }

“Kyle Sandilands has told Tracey Grimshaw that he is no misogynist.”

Also admits that he is no gynaecologist, but he is willing to take a look into it

10 Daisy { 03.27.13 at 11:18 pm }

Ha Ha Dr T…one of your in-house doctor jokes. Or did you learn it at med school?

11 A.P { 03.28.13 at 11:19 am }

Maybe so RR@8, but Natalie did say in the story that she hated living here and couldn’t wait to go back to the US to be near her family so she should think about her poor mother in law who hasn’t seen her son for 7 years!
Natalie has three daughters who will always stay close to her so I don’t think she knows how it feels.
RR, I just read on tv tonight that Grant Denyer has quit 7 and may be the host of Australia’s Got Talent or Celebrity Splash, please say it isn’t true! He is not a good host.