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Candice Falzone still in It Takes Two – Unbelievable.

Candice Falzone with her singing mentor Anthony Callea are still in the Channel 7 singing competition It Takes Two. Her singing has not been great so who is voting for them?

the Daily Telegraph has a theory that it is all the tricks they do in their routines for example the kiss that occurred at the end of one routine, which was cringeworthy. This week Candice is wearing a micro mini to try and keep the votes rolling in.

Bored at Work? Like Idol? Want to see some funny bits from overseas Idol?
It appears that Idol is one of those products like coca-cola that you can get worldwide.
The Balitmore Sun has put together some You Tube clips that features some of the funnier/quirkier sides of Idol.

The Bulgarian boy singing Michael Jackson’s Bad is the highlight. Backed up by a very cheap set and production values.

Personally I thought the french singer was ok.

Ten Secrets from the taping of American Idol
Billboard have an article on the top ten secrets from a live taping of Idol. I already knew they pre-recorded the special guest performance, but I did not know the musicians only dressed up the top half and then wore jeans below.

Controversy surrounds the American Idol Songwriting Contest.
There are complaints emerging that the Idol songwriting contest (something I think they should do in Australia as well) is not what it seems.

Firstly the entrants have to pay $10 to enter the competition. I am not sure what the rationale is behind this, maybe to pay for the people who will have to listen to them.

Secondly it is open to all songwriters both professionals and amateurs, and their are gripes that the person who won it last year was not ‘undiscovered’ in fact he already had a CD out and other song writing credits. Full story here.

I don’t have a problem with professional writers entering. The winners need a decent song to sing, otherwise the public will be turned off them even before they start their post Idol career.


1 Anonymous { 03.25.08 at 12:22 pm }

The Smellograph has, as usual, got it completely wrong.

The mini she’s supposedly wearing was just for the publicity photo, not for the performance.

And the kiss was cute, not cringeworthy 😉

2 soobee { 03.25.08 at 1:01 pm }

As far as the songwriting contest for AI:

Last year’s winning entry was the extremely sappy song “This is My Now.” The singers couldn’t interpret it: it had to be sung as is. Jordin did a pretty good job with it. Blake was hopelessly lost, and it might have cost him the win, but it sure didn’t help.

The $10 is not unheard of, and they never said the writers couldn’t be professionals (after all, the singers have been, and of course this is the case with SYTYCDA and US and elsewhere). I just hope they pick this year is better than last’s years!!!!!!!!!

3 Anonymous { 03.25.08 at 2:11 pm }

Why is it ‘unbelievable’ that Candice Falzon is still in It Takes Two, she definitely has a better voice than two of the remaining contestants, and a lot more stage appeal than most of the others.

What is unbelievable is the Paul O’Brien is still there!

4 Eden { 03.25.08 at 2:12 pm }

I don’t know what the Telegraph are on about and I guess you must not have been watching either. Candice has clearly improved every week and last week was their best performance. I don’t know whats going on here, but tricks don’t win votes, entertainment does and thats what they do. The Kiss suited the whole theatric’s of the performance and was very cute. I can only think someone is mounting a campaign as they are getting worried about the competition. As for the outfit, what the other poster said is correct its not actually what she is wearing, it was just for the promo adverts.

5 Reality Raver { 03.25.08 at 9:38 pm }

Paul O’Brien is probably still in as it is in the judges contracts that they have to give extra points to channel 7 employees.

Granted the Daily Terror has taken a set against Candice and has for sometime.

However you will never convince me she is a talented singer.

6 Onadrought { 03.27.08 at 8:06 pm }

The kiss was cringeworthy and Grant Denyar kept the inuendos about Anthony’s sexuality going on and on.
It Takes Two is crap.
The judges this week saw a bit more of Jade McCrae this week, when she went arse over tit on the stage.