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American Idol – Two Outstanding Auditions

American Idol started last week and it is good to see the popular series can survive without Simon Cowell. In fact from the episode I watched last night it showcased the talent, and the judges personalities did not dominate as they have in previous years.

That could be because J Lo doesn’t have much of one…

Steve Tyler seems to have taken on the dippy, flamboyant role and he is fun. However parents lock up your daughters, as he does have an eye for the young ladies.

Anyway the two names that have emerged from this week’s auditions they are 15 year old Lauren Aliana and Chris Medina . Yes you read that right Lauren is  15, Idol producers have reduced the age to audition down a year. LA Times outline why they think she will be a contender here.

The producers are keen to push her as she had the lucky last pimp spot.

The other guy that got this spot this week was Chris Medina who currently is nursing his fiancee who has long term brain damage. Even though I knew the back story to the clip, I was still couldn’t hold back the tears. This guy can also sing.

See his audition below: