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The X Factor – Rock Night

It was Rock Night and as has been the case this season Dami Im kicked butt with her song. There were a few other highlights in the show.

Here is what they sang:

Dami Im – Best Of You – She kicked off the show and again gave a great performance. It would be interesting to know if people switched off the show after this.

Third D3GREE – By The Way –  They really are looking like the full package week after week. It is difficult for a group to win The X Factor but they might just do it.

Joelle – Joey – Has struggled for the last few weeks but doing a rock ballad made her unusual tone stand out and thankfully they put her in a more muted outfit this week to not distract the viewer.

Jai Waetford – Drops Of Jupiter – Clearly this kid has a fan base, but his vocals are cute but just not strong enough for the competition. Just too young for the show and is overshadowed by the sets.

Omar Dean –  Anyway You Want It – I don’t know how this guy has got this far in the competition. Let alone not been bottom two. The falsetto was just not good.

Jiordin Tiolli – Dancing With Myself – Her voice faded as the song went along, but out of all the girl singers including Dami Im she has the most potential to make it after teh show finishes.

JTR – Thanks For The Memories – It was revealed over the weekend that their step dad is Sony’s A &R development guy in Asia. Clearly this week he has told them they have to sing in tune to get a record contract as this week they did well at least 80 per cent of the time which was an improvement. Redfoo said there was too much pyro and he thought it was like a gas station blowing up.

Taylor Henderson – Choir Girl – Cold Chisel is always going to bring in votes.  This is strongest of the under 24 boys but all of them seem popular with none of them being in the bottom two yet. Have heard better renditions.

Who did you like?


1 Andrea { 09.23.13 at 11:32 am }

RR, I switched off after Dami, the rest are boring.

2 q { 09.23.13 at 11:43 am }

liked the 1st 2 performances but this may be skewed because I like rhcp/ff
joelle surprisingly sang well
I agree RR taylor is the strongest of the U24 boys
not sure who will be bottom 2, wouldn’t mind seeing omar/jae just to see what happens

3 Eliza { 09.23.13 at 12:06 pm }

I don’t think I have ever seen any favourite in any RTV competition do as well as Dami. Not saying I want her to stuff it up, but has anyone ever had a perfect run? She is amazing and I hope she can have a career out of this.

Last night was my fav 3rd Degree performance. I thought they were really strong in their own sections and it was good to see the boy get a bit of a starring role.

Still do not understand why Joelle is still in the comp.. Her voice sounds like a 50 yr old who chain smoked since they were two yrs old. At least you could hear her in this song.

Jai is a cute kid but it’s not the cute factor.. He can sing but I agree that he’s too young and I feel like I’m watching a school musical performance when he’s on.

I didn’t mind Omar…. I think he can sing well but his falsetto wasn’t good! The song was a bit cheesy too but I like it haha

Jiordan wasn’t strong vocally but she did put on a good performance. I like her so hope she gets through.

Interesting to know about JTR’s step dad, RR. Judging them against themselves, I think they did quite well this week. Too much pyrotechnics though for sure.. We know they were trying to distract us! As cute as the middle one is, it is best when his bros do the lead vocals. When they sung John Mayer last week for the bottom 2 I thought they sounded good.

Taylor is def the strongest and most marketable boy. His performance was good but I prob would have preferred 3rd Degree to close the show with a bang.

My hopes for bottom 2 are Joelle and Jai. Although this doesn’t count as votes, I did see Joelle’s performance in the iTunes top 100 last night….. :/

4 Sandii { 09.23.13 at 2:59 pm }

Is it just me or does dannii’s hair look stupid. I love her real hairstyle.

5 SD { 09.23.13 at 9:55 pm }

I can’t believe that the judges had discarded Dami from the Home Visits group and she only got in when another contestant pulled out, just goes to show that the judges know nothing about spotting talent! If they did she would have been their first choice, not a poor 7th choice for that bracket.

6 Stacey { 09.23.13 at 11:42 pm }

You cant not love Dami. I admit, she reminds me of a lovely person I used to work with so I may be slightly bias, but she has surprised me with her “awesome singing” from the get go and every single time since then. The best thing about her is that you can tell she is genuine and friendly.

7 daisy { 09.23.13 at 11:51 pm }

Hi Stacey. How is everything going?
Good I hope.

8 Ralphie { 09.24.13 at 10:10 am }

No, it is just not you Sandii @ 4. Danni’s hair does look stupid, every week in fact, so does the makeup. However, Natalie’s coiffure last night was worse, too harsh & severe for her face – does she look at herself in the mirror before going on stage. And those outfits they wear – the stylist’s on the show should be sacked. Nat had to keep pulling her dress up so it wouldn’t fall down to her stomach. Do we really have to look at cleavage every week?

9 Eliza { 09.24.13 at 2:15 pm }

I agree they go OTT with the women’s styling. Softer make up would be nice.. They’re not 18 yr olds about to shoot a music video. Both would look much prettier with a more natural look. I think the heavy make up makes both their faces look so harsh and imo both are stunning ladies. Danni’s hair looks nice short rather than the noticeable wig/weave!

10 daisy { 09.24.13 at 2:40 pm }

I’ve often thought the styling on this show is terrible. Not just this season. And not just the contestants.
They ruined that ‘what’s her name’ dying her hair red and dressing her like old Mrs Slokum. She’s not 40.

Other than that I have got bored and stopped watching even on ff.