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My Kitchen Rules – David Admits He Learnt A Lesson In Humility

It was sayonara for the captain and his trophy wife but they should take comfort in the fact that their casting has helped keep the ratings astronomically high. Captain Wacky will be missed.

Anna revealed herself to be rather intense in the kitchen and was trying to micro manage her mum who actually knew what she was doing. It was a sophisticated but restrained menu with an entree of Seared Scotch Fillet with Eggplant Caviar, Fennel Chips, Baby Herbs and Homeade Aioli .

The diners around the table were very mixed about having raw beef on their plate. Which was not helped by the very rare lamb that was served for main. The whole of the main was a misfire with no one liking the orange and mint sauce nor the very underdone lamb. Cathy and Anna were extremely confident about the cooking time with them saying to each other that “they don’t bother ordering lamb when thy go out anymore as people cook it terribly.”

Once Corinne heard the bad reviews of the main she got excited and stuck her hand under the table in the region of his crotch. Conversely Anna who is a bit of princess and has to harden up was in tears after the main course.

Even with the bad reception for their main they never looked like getting a lower score then 27. The nail was put in the Qld couple food dream when the judges announced the apple pie dessert as perfect.

However she was all smiles once her mum’s apple pie was judged to be the best dessert in the competiton.Something Chloe and Kelly were not thrilled about as they have realised it was better to keep Corinne and David in due to their lack of cooking skills.

Back at kitchen stadium Pete scored a nine for the entree, the main a seven and a ten for dessert and Manu scores a 9 for entree, main a seven, and ten for dessert.

They gave a combined team scores of 89.

Pollyanna Carly did not look real happy being knocked off the top of the scoreboard but I am sure she has some mantra she can chant to get over it. David gave a farewell speech admitting it was his first lesson in humility.

Scores from the website on what the teams gave Anna and Carly:

Harry and Christo – 7

Josh and Danielle – 8

David and Corinne – 8

Chloe and Kelly -7

Carly and Tresne – 8

My Kitchen Rules tonight on SEVEN at 7.30pm.



1 daisy { 03.03.14 at 3:04 am }

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