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George Calombaris And Baby James


Woman’s Day have a nice photo spread of George Calombaris and his new baby James.

What amazed me is that the Masterchef Australia judge is only 32 years old. He has done a lot in that time. Multiple restaurants in Melbourne as well as ones in Mykynos, Greece.

Very impressive, also it appears he is loving being a dad. His partner Natalie seems lovely also. More photos of him on the Woman’s Day website.

October 11, 2011   8 Comments

George Calombaris Baby Should Be Seen Soon

George Calombaris and his partner Natalie Tricario are reported to have been paid a swag of money by a magazine for the first shots of baby James George Calombaris.  They left hospital yesterday and kept the baby well wrapped up. (Source: Herald Sun)

I think it fine that George is selling the photos and story of the birth, however the downside is don’t start complaining about privacy. I must confess I am looking forward to see the photos, to see if he looks like his father.

The timing of the birth means George will be at the announcement of the winner on Sunday night. Masterchef Australia’s final starts at 6.30pm I will be live blogging.

August 4, 2011   10 Comments

Masterchef’s George Calombaris Has Had A Baby Boy

In what could be the reality TV baby of the year, George Calombaris, from Masterchef Australia welcomed a baby boy into the world.

Well it was really his partner Natalie Tircario who did the hard work. No news yet on a name.

Congratulations George and Natalie.

UPDATE: @womansdaylucy says it is a good chance the name will be James George Calombaris.

Source: Daily Telegraph

July 30, 2011   2 Comments

Would You Pay $195 To Eat Masterchef Runner Up Callum Hann’s Food?

In Tuesday’s Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Living section there was a Qantas Holidays advertisement saying Meet the Chefs in South Australia.

Qantas Holidays is offering an exclusive opportunity to meet some of South Australia’s famous foodies and Callum is classified as one of them.

Callum Hann is advertised for a dinner from $195 per person. Granted to you get four courses plus drinks and a chance to chat to him, however what are his culinary credentials? He was last year’s runner up on Masterchef Australia, and he did three months internship at George Calombaris’s restaurants in Melbourne and decided becoming a chef was not for him. I would think he is a good amateur cook at best.

I am sure he is a nice guy, however all I can remember from his time on the show was his skill with desserts.

Would you go? If you want to his dinners are on the 11th and 18th of May. Go to Qantas Holidays if you are interested.

The other chefs who are putting on dinners in June are Maggie Beer, and Mark McNamara.

In other Masterchef Australia news George Calombaris is being sounded out to run the eating establishments at the newly refurbished Hellenic Club in Sydney. I hope so I ate at his Press Room bar and it was sensational. In fact his prawn kataifi made the earth move for me.

March 17, 2011   8 Comments

Margaret Fulton Blasts Masterchef Australia And Matt Preston

Was Margaret Fulton not asked to be on Masterchef Australia this series? As this spray she gives the show and the judges seems extremely petty.

Considering her appearances on the show raised her profile to a whole new generation and treated her like a cooking icon and probably gave her the Woolworth contract she now has, it would be nice to see her be a little bit grateful.

But no the Sunday Telegraph reports:

COOKING great Margaret Fulton has unleashed on two of Australia’s biggest television programs, My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef, saying contestants cannot cook well and don’t know the basics.

Even the judges don’t escape a roasting.

Fulton has accused MasterChef’s Matt Preston of turning into a “full showman” and says George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan are fixated on earning the same large pay cheque as their cravat-wearing colleague.

Of the cooking couples on the hit Seven Network series My Kitchen Rules, which averages 1.5 million viewers, Fulton said: “I can’t be bothered watching them.

“I’ve seen enough people not cook well. I don’t want to watch people very pleased with what they’re doing but doing everything wrong.”

Fulton also whacked MasterChef, the Network Ten program she has actually starred on as a guest judge.

“What I found on MasterChef when I was on it, some of the basic things the contestants were trying to do – they didn’t know the basic things, such as pastry making,” she said.

The outburst from the 86-year-old came as she launched a new campaign for Woolworths – the supermarket rival of Coles, which sponsors My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef.

As Preston’s popularity on MasterChef grew, so did his personality, she said.

“Matt found the inner showman in himself. Now he’s found the full showman.

“Matt used to be quite a serious food journalist. He is married into a Melbourne family that’s quite conservative, and they couldn’t believe what Matt was up to.

“He’s a nice person, but he’s developing this thing like Bernard King.”

Fulton said King, who starred in the cooking show King’s Kitchen and died in 2002, had become more rude as his success skyrocketed.

Fulton also ripped into Calombaris and Mehigan.

“Matt had every reason to be self-confident, but they – although they have very successful businesses – aren’t as emotionally and mentally intelligent as Matt,” she said.

“Now it has become, ‘How much is he getting paid? If he’s getting that, I want it too.’ “

March 6, 2011   20 Comments