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Reality Tidbits – Wednesday

Surely Buzzfeed must run out of quizzes soon but this one is Fine Which Reality Show You Should Go On. For the record mine was Real Housewives which was a bit weird. (Source: Buzzfeed)

The Bachelor Australia Anna Heinrich’s wants a big one. Funny I thought she had found one with Tim Robards going from photos…(Source: Daily Mail)

Dancing With The Stars alumni Brendon and Alex Fevola’s marriage has gone belly up again. (Source: Daily Mail)

A review of Lindsay Lohan’s reality show. It received a mixed reaction. (Source: CNN)

The most ridiculous reality show ever called Sex Box where couples have sex on stage in a “box” and then they come out on stage afterwards to discuss it. The first episode is on YouTube but you don’t get to see the sex. (Source: International Business)

Spoiler Alert: The latest Bachelor in the US, Juan Pablo Galavis, is the biggest douche ever. His season is currently being advertised to be starting on GO soon. (Source:

Real Housewife star Teresa Guidice and her husband have pleaded guilty to fraud. She may spend up to two years in jail. They lied to obtained $5 million in loans. (Source:

Sophie Monk is now flashing her boobs to try and get radio listeners no wonder Wendy Harmer wrote this article about how Sophie Monk and Mel B might look good but radio is not a visual medium. (

Top Chef Canada is coming under fire for its sexism. They also did what Masterchef Australia did with disasterous results and have split up the contestants according to gender. The advertising is suitably woeful. (Source: The Daily Meal)



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Reality Tidbits – Tuesday Night

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 12.37.43 AM

Source: Instagram

Jessica Mauboy has chopped off her hair and she looks smoking hot.

Pete Evan’s is papped out in his local suburb not wearing any shoes, however he will probably be more aghast when he sees that on a side profile shot at an ATM it looks like he has a little gut. Surely it just must be his posture. (Source: Daily Mail)

Sophie Monk is looking for new management only hours after finding out she was on the lowest rating breakfast show on the FM dial. (Source: Daily Mail)

Lara Bingle is back in Sydney to attend a traffic offenders course due to being caught driving without a license. Don’t expect her to instagram photos of this. (Source: Daily Mail)

Last time Chloe Lattanzi was in the media after her rehab stint was that fame stuffs you up, but here she is again trying to grasp it. She is posing on the beach with her mum Olivia. (Source: Daily Mail)

A girl has taken her life whilst filming a dating reality show in South Korea. The show has now been cancelled. (Source: SBS)

US Masterchef judge Graham Elliot dumps 67 kilograms in less then a year. (Source:

Casting directors share their casting secrets in this interesting article. They want crazy but not too crazy.  (Source: Guardian)

Interesting but slightly condescending interview with Donald Trump. He apparently made 63 million out of last season’s Celebrity Apprentice. (Source: Buzzfeed)


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Reality Tidbits – Friday Night

Charlotte Dawson’s memorial service was held in Sydney today. For the full rundown SMH has the story.

Kelly from My Kitchen Rules says she is taking the piss and we will get to know an love her. Also she does realise she is a polarising personality but did not realise they would come across as such a villain. (Source:

*Spoiler Alert* Apparently the new bachelor Juan Pablo is an asshole apart from his homophobic remarks but a contestant on the show Andi Dorfman quit because he is an arsehole. Now rumour has it she will be the next Bachelorette. (Source:

Sunrise should get Mark Latham and Jeff Kennett on more often, unfortunately for Sam Armytage she was collateral damage. (Source:

James Mathison is a breakfast radio troll, for some reason that makes me like him more. (Source:

Tori Spelling’s husband tells her to get help for her spending issues. (Source: DListed)

Apparently Naomi Campbell has turned into a major scrag on the second season of The Face in the US, maybe she is just tired after doing the UK and Aussie versions. (Source: Dlisted)

Phil Keoghan the host of The Amazing Race was on REDDIT answering questions and here is a summary where he reveals he was once on the pit stop mat for 19 hours. (Source: Reality Blurred)

CeeLo Green has quit The Voice, apparently before they could sack him. (Source: Reality Blurred)

Fame messes you up says Chloe Lattanzi but makes sure she chronicles her life on social media. Does she understand the meaning of irony? (Source: Daily Mail)

Former Project Runway Australia host Kristy Hinze is pregnant with her second child. (Source: Daily Mail)


February 28, 2014   19 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Tuesday

Celebrity Rehab star Tom Sizemore says he was lying about Bill Clinton having an affair with Liz Hurly, but did reveal that she did have an affair with him whilst she was going out with Hugh Grant. (Source: Daily Express)

Samantha Jade’s mother is extremely unwell and she is calling for prayers. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Andrew Rochford and his wife continue to renovate and they have their latest abode on the market. It looks lovely. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Fit mum tells Chrissie Swan she is lazy and Chrissie was not happy about it. (Source:

Matthew from Farmer Wants A Wife has had a baby with Jessica from Beauty and The Geek. (Source:

Blair and Paul the Qld team from round one on My Kitchen Rules have said they are surprised by some of the comments Chloe and Kelly made once they were away from the dining table. (Source: Courier Mail)

If you are mega Top Chef fan you will be pleased to know there are Top Chef cruises. (Source: Celebrity Cruises)

The US version of The X Factor has been axed. (Source: Reality Blurred)

Yolanda from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is selling her home for $27.5 million. (Source: Daily Mail)

Shayne Lamas who was proposed to on The Bachelor has been in a coma after suffering a miscarriage. (Source: Daily Mail)

Rhiannon Fish and Reece Mastin have not broken up as it was rumoured. (Source: Daily Mail)

February 11, 2014   4 Comments

Reality Tidits – Thursday

Fans of Top Chef will enjoy the above video, as they tell PopSugar what they are up to and also give advice to new contestants.

Alex Perry tells David Jones don’t blame me for poor sales. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Commando doing the Spartan Race and also is the ambassador of Feb Fast. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Chloe’s family from My Kitchen Rules say she is nice and not like she is being portrayed onscreen. (Source: Collie Mail)

Reality TV scandals – They are US focused, but I never knew it was alleged Paula Abdul had an affair with an American Idol contestant. (Source: E! Online)

If you are a fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta you might want to read this blind item. (Source: Reality Tea)

Dan Ewing disses reality TV the Home and Away hottie conveniently forgetting he was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars (Source: Daily Telegraph)

American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken is running for congress. (Source: Mediaite)

Octomum is up on welfare charges. (Source: Daily Mail)

The Voice Kids is filming and Delta is taking photos. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ramona from Real Housewives New York husband Mario has busted up with his mistress. (Source: Daily Mail)






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