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Reality Tidbits – Friday Evening

Lynzey aka the daughter of Cowboy Robert on MKR has a fitness video on YouTube, if you want to see cleavage and muscle you can see it here.  (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The Block favourites, Kyle and Kara, are selling their house on the Central coast and it looks fantastic. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Adam Dovile, last year’s winner from House Rules,  talks about his new gig on Better Homes and Gardens. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston, has been on life support for five days after being found unconscious in a bathtub, her family are now saying goodbye to her. (Source:

Ricki-Lee has been forced to cancel a concert in Canberra due to lack of ticket sales. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ash, who is teamed with Camilla on MKR is not so posh as she grew up on the Gold Coast, and she likes to party, but what 20 something doesn’t? (Source: Daily Mail)

Big Brother winner, Tim Dormer, did not get to the jungle so is now doing I’m A Celebrity type challenges for Kyle and Jackie O.  (Source: Daily Mail)

Perez Hilton, the celebrity blogger, that was on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, is blaming editing for making him the most hated man on the show. (Source: Daily Mail)

Lance Bass gets married on TV, the first gay reality TV wedding. (Source: SFGate)

Yes there is now a porn reality TV show. Called The Sex Factor males and females compete to be the next big porn star and a $1,000,000 prize. (Source: ABC)

Masterchef Australia might not be getting a overseas trip this year, as they are up filming in the King Valley. (Source: Wangaratta Chronicle)

A rather entertaining article by a chef who was once on a reality TV show. (Source: Go Local Prov)


February 6, 2015   19 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Wednesday

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.26.57 am

Lara Bingle posts an instagram photo of herself in a pool in a bikini with a belly and everyone is now saying the pregnancy is confirmed. She might be pregnant but she does not look like she is due in February or March if going by the start date of the rumours which was in June last year.  If the media did not salivate over Lara’s cryptic social media posts maybe she would stop posting them. But we do and they get clicks so Lara cleverly uses the interest in her to gain publicity. (Source: Lara’s Instagram)

Skye Wheatley, Big Brother runner up from 2014 is not just content to have plumped up lips, she wants plumped up boobs and is in Bangkok and was going to go the full DD implants but she was told she will have to stick to D Cups as her body was too small to cope with the DD’s. So first world problems in a third world! (Source: Daily Mail)

It looks like Lisa Hyde won’t be The Bachelorette on TEN. The runner-up in last year’s The Bachelor has a new boyfriend. Her BFF Sam Frost also won’t be The Bachelorette either as she has a rumoured new boyfriend as well. (Source: Daily Mail)

The reason Dan Reilly is Keith the foreman’s new fore boy on The Block is that at the end of the previous series Keith was sick and exhausted so Dan will take some of the pressure off him. However considering Dan has just qualified as a builder I question how much experience he will have. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Bear Grylls will be fronting a Celebrity Survival reality TV show. He takes eight celebs out into a jungle. Not sure it will be screened in Australia. (Source: Telly Mix)

Carly and Tresne have been working out and eating well since their time on My Kitchen Rules they have lost 22 kilograms between them. (Source: Daily Mail)

Confirmed Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo will be judges on the new series of So You Think You Can Dance. Considering they could not pull in the ratings when they were on Australian TV shows, it will be interesting if they can bring a revival to the format in the US. Nigel Lythgoe remains on the panel. (Source: E Online)

Addicted to Pawn Stars, Storage Wars or American Pickers well apparently watching these shows help you negotiate better. There you go reality TV is educational. (Source: Mainstreet)

If you have Apple TV you can now watch TEN PLAY on it.

Rob Mills musical theatre career continues to go from strength to strength, he has been cast in the television version of Peter Allan’s – Boy From Oz. He will play Peter’s partner.

Since Teresa Guidice went to jail, the former New Jersey Housewives star’s marriage has gone to pot. Apparently the marriage is under a lot of strain. (Source: Reality TV Magazine)

Interesting blog post with analysis on minorities that are on The Bachelor and when they get eliminated. There may be a spoiler for the latest US season of the show. (Source: Karen X)


January 28, 2015   5 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Thursday


Greg Plitt, who was in reality show Work Out, was killed whilst running on train tracks allegedly trying to out run a train. A metro link spokesperson has said the death was “preventable if proper channels had been followed”. (Source: The Wrap)

Richard Reid, the entertainment reporter from the TODAY show has outed himself in a radio interview all but confirming he will be on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Also other rumours doing the rounds today is that former Hi-5 singer and a Voice contestant last year, Fely Irvine is dropping into the jungle. And the four time Olympian has an OAM. (Source: SMH)

Former MKR contesatants Thalia and Bianca are selling their pate in markets in Tassie. The pate scored a ten out of ten from the judges. (Source: Examiner)

Gary Mehigan talks about his series Far Flung and names five of his favourite places to eat in Melbourne. (Source: Today Online)

Host of Top Chef Padma Lakshmi has her own frozen food range out now. However can only buy it in Costco in the US. (Source: Braiser)

Bethenny Frankel is not stopping just selling alcoholic beverages called Skinny Girl, but she is now showing her business savvy and is going into the marijuania market, apparently her Skinny Girl Grass won’t give you the munchies. (Source: Braiser)

Hilarious thread on Reddit when  loving but concerned husband asked advice about his wife wanting to be a reality star. I suspect the first commenter got it right when they said: This thread will probably be more famous than your wife.

Two journalists at the SMH write about the pros and cons of reality TV. (Source: SMH)

Paula Abdul set to take over from Mary Murphy on So You Think You Can Dance. (Source: Pop News)

Celeb Big Brother is on in the UK and blogger Perez Hilton looks like he is making a lot of enemies. (Source: Daily Mail)


January 22, 2015   9 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Monday

As you can see reality TV stars get the quality invites, Sam Frost and Lisa Hyde, from The Bachelor were at The Hooker’s Ball in Darwin. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The boys from The Block, Shannon and Simon, seem to be getting more up market opportunities and are now signed to a modelling/management agency. Also there could be a television show in the works for this year. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Has Fiona O’Louglin fallen off the wagon or maybe she was just having end of year blues as she stumbles through her stand up comedy routine. (Daily Telegraph)

Kourtney Kardashian has had her third child, a boy. (Source:

The Real World started on MTV and is still going 30 years later. Fans of the show or even the reality TV genre will be interested in why this show is so significant in the history of reality TV history. (Source: Zap It)

Tahnee Atkinson who won Australia’s Next Top Model is still modelling. (Source: Daily Mail)

A former America’s Next Top Model contestant is suing Tyra Banks saying she discriminated against her because she was a former escort. (Source: Cross Map)

Anthony Bourdain is back in season 3 of The Taste. We don’t get it here in Australian but it went from a very so so first season to something that is now getting quite a few viewers. Nigella Lawson is also in it. Anthony Bourdain talks about the show on Hit Fix. (Source: Hit Fix)

Scott Borchetta a record producer will replace Randy Jackson on American Idol as a mentor. Also Idol will only be a one night a week program, it is usually two. American Idol will be seen on ELEVEN in early January. (Source: Reality Blurred)

December 16, 2014   4 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Thursday Evening

Adam Liaw has a slap at Pete Evans paleo diet claims, expect a long rant by Pete on Facebook tomorrow. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Say what you like about The Biggest Loser, it certainly worked for Sam Rouen who was in the 2008 series. He has kept the weight of and is hoping to be in the fire fighters calendar of 2016. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Reigan Derry is still loving Redfoo (lucky someone is) and says that the controversial muso is all about the art. She also denies claims made by fellow contestant Jason Heerah that she gave them the silent treatment backstage on The X Factor. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Travis from Big Brother want Aisha to get pregnant – NOW! (Source: Daily Mail)

Lawson still has not spoken to his ex-girfriend, and he will be moving to Melbourne, with some magic shows in the pipeline. (Source: Daily Mail)

The life of a former Big Brother contestant’s is going on schoolie cruises, but if you have to earn a living like Tully and Jade it is an easy gig. (Source: Daily Mail)

Lovers of reality food shows will be hoping Best New Restaurant will be screening here in Australia at some stage. Tom Collichio will be hosting it. (Source: Reality TV World)


December 4, 2014   3 Comments