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Reality Tidbits – Sunday Evening

Dan and Steph from My Kitchen Rules had a miscarriage scare early in their pregnancy but not everything is fine, though by the media headlines you would think the crisis was NOW in their pregnancy. Hopefully they will have a healthy pregnancy. (Source: Courier Mail)

Steph is not the only My Kitchen Rules alumni pregnant. Annie and Jason are also expecting their first baby after struggling for two years to get pregnant. (Source: Daily Mail)

Chloe and Kelly the villains from this years MKR are going to have a cooking school in January at Hotel Jen in Brisbane. They have called the classes “Cook Like A Bitch. (Source: BMAG)

Axle Whitehead has definitely moved from singing to acting with a role in the US series Shameless. (Source: SMH)

Mel B was in a relationship for four years with a woman, and if she is talking about it must mean she wants some media attention. (Source: The Guardian)

It’s official Snooki is married. She looks quite classy too… She has certainly transformed herself. (Source: Daily Mail)

It appears Louise has survived the post-Bachelor fall out with her now announced as the face of department store Harris Scarfe. (Source: The Daily Mail)

Shanina Shaik is walking in the prestigious Victoria Secret parade. (Source: Daily Mail)

Michael Fassbender could be the actor who will play Marco Pierre White in the Marco movie. (Source: Daily Mail)


Travis’s mum reckons he and Aisha are the real deal and thinks there will be babies and Aisha will probably be the one to move to Melbourne. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

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Reality Tidbits – Monday Morning

Janice Dickinson claims she was raped by Bill Cosby she is not the only person making those allegations. (Source: Reality Blurred)

My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge got into a Twitter war with another chef and yes it got nasty. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Todd McKenney tells Mark Holden to stay away from the Dancing With The Stars finale. Interesting that he is the third DWTS cast member this week to talk about Mark. Are they still trying to use him for publicity. (Source:

Sam Armytage is releasing a book this week, which means publicity is needed. She is talking about her weight and her love life to get it. (Source:

For My Kitchen Rules contestant’s Bec Saul and Malcolm Gill are up for a Cafe Of The Year Award. I must have a bad memory because I cannot remember who they are. ( Source: Daily Telegraph)

Pink Salt the restaurant that was started on My Restaurant Rules is still going strong and in fact got a great review. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Trashy rumour of the day is that Scott Disdick who is with Kourtney Kardashian is going to dump her for her sister Khloe.(Source: The Inquisitr)

Good news for Ajay Rochester she has a part in the online web series The Doll, which is about doll collectors. Also she has a calendar out to help pay for her sons legal fees. (Source: Daily Mail)

Masterchef’s Justine Schofield is dating Matt Doran. (Source:

The US version of So You Think You Can Dance has been renewed. (Source: Reality Blurred)

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Reality Tidbits – Tuesday Morning

Sesame Street parodies The Voice. Thanks for sending it in Dr T.

Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell married in New Zealand. Congratulations sounded like it was quite the party. (Source: Daily Mail)

Expect to see free gifting and private jets soon on Fashion Bloggers. (Source: Daily Mail)

Kim Kardashian to appear on Indian Big Brother. How much is she getting paid for that? (Source: Daily Mail)

Ricky-Lee Coulter is getting a lot of flack from people about her saying she does not want children. (Source: Daily Mail)

Karl Stefanovic finally gets some good publicity with the news he wore the same suit for the year and no one noticed. He did it as a way of highlighting the sexism in television where the women are judged on their looks and what they are wearing. (Source:

The remaining Dancing With The Stars cast have found the best way to get publicity is to mention Mark Holden’s name. Ricki-Lee did it today, and Daniel Macpherson slammed him yesterday. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Sophie Monk is kicking of the end of her morning radio career with a shoot in Playboy. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Todd Herzog, the Survivor winner, is back on Dr Phil a year after he was sent to a rehab facility for alcoholism. Rumour has it that he has had a relapse.  (Source: Reality Blurred)

Poor Gordon Ramsay he is saying someone sabotaged the opening night of his new restaurant by making 100 bogus bookings (Source: The Independent)


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Reality Tidbits – Sunday Night

Heidi Klum Pre-Halloween Party Exclusive Photo Opp

Heidi Klum is famous for her Halloween costumes and this year was no exception as she dressed as a butterfly.

Blake Garvey and Sam Frost come face to face for the first time since their media frenzy. Sam weeps. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Though apparently Sam has a new guy, a muso and builder called Dean Ipavis. (Source: Daily Mail)

Johnny Ruffo must have been running late to get to the Home and Away set as he has lost his licence for speeding. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Australia’s Next Top Model contestants apparently eating too much of catering van, this time Alex Perry is staying silent on the issue. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Courtney Roulston from series two Masterchef Australia is engaged to her girlfriend. Congratulations but I would also be curious to know what she is currently doing. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Dan is back on The Block. He has been on twice before as a contestant with his girlfriend Dani, but now he is back as Keith’s side kick. I never found him that charismatic but happy to be proved wrong. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Reality TV couple alert – Dean Ray from The X Factor with former Australia’s Got Talent winner Bonnie Anderson. (Source: Daily Mail)

Sandra from Big Brother has hooked up with Sam’s best mate as rumours swirl that Sam is now single. (Source: Daily Mail)

Who doesn’t kiss before you get married? Apparently if you are a Duggar from 19 Kids And Counting you don’t. Also daddy picks your husband. (Source: Daily Mail)

Josh from The Block has been diagnosed with adult onset diabetes. (Source: Daily Mail)

Dave Grohl from the  Foo Fighters does not like reality singing shows because Bob Dylan would never had a chance in them. However he needs to remember that some people have only been discovered because of them that would otherwise would not got a contract, for example, Guy Sebastian, Dami Im and Jessica Mauboy. ( Source: SMH)

This read will bring back memories – 11 most scandalous moments on reality TV (Source: Fox News)



November 2, 2014   5 Comments

Reality Tidbits Wednesday – Including Nova Peris, The Bachelor And My Kitchen Rules

Nova Peris (yes she was on reality show Celebrity Overhaul) is in a spot of bother with leaked emails. It is related to funding, extramarital affairs and next time she meets Cathy Freeman it is going to be a little awkward. But really how do these emails leak? (Source:

A post had drafted but did not publish for awhile is now buried pages back, if you want to know which of the Masterchef Alumni has cookbooks out you should read it. (Source: Reality Ravings)

The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg speaks about the Blake Garvey sage and brings no insight to the issue at all. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Amber from The Bachelor is still creating controversy posting what has been deemed a pro-anorexic photo on instagram. (Source:

My Kitchen Rules had been sold to 160 countries which is more then Masterchef….(Source:

Next Top Model’s Simon Holtznagel has a US Guess campaign and now she is modelling for a local lingerie company her career appears to be on the up. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Snooki has had a baby girl and here are the photos for all two of you that are interested. (Source:

Lara Bingle pregnancy rumours continue and she has landed back in Sydney. Will it be announced via a magazine deal? (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Because when you go to jail this is what you really freak out out – your hair extensions. Teresa Guidice is concerned her hair will look too thin. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ajay Rochester dressed as a twerking Miley Cyrus for Halloween, things are on the up for Ajay with news she has signed for a new reality show, possibly related to her new health kick. (Source: Daily Mail)

Dlisted has a good round up on the continuing saga aka mess that is this Honey Boo and child sex offender story. And Radar online have managed to get their hands on the original police report and it ain’t pretty. (Source: Dlisted)

Big Brother is going to China, this could be interesting hopefully SBS will pick it up. (Source: ABC news)

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