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Reality Tidbits Wednesday – Including Nova Peris, The Bachelor And My Kitchen Rules

Nova Peris (yes she was on reality show Celebrity Overhaul) is in a spot of bother with leaked emails. It is related to funding, extramarital affairs and next time she meets Cathy Freeman it is going to be a little awkward. But really how do these emails leak? (Source:

A post had drafted but did not publish for awhile is now buried pages back, if you want to know which of the Masterchef Alumni has cookbooks out you should read it. (Source: Reality Ravings)

The Bachelor host Osher Gunsberg speaks about the Blake Garvey sage and brings no insight to the issue at all. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Amber from The Bachelor is still creating controversy posting what has been deemed a pro-anorexic photo on instagram. (Source:

My Kitchen Rules had been sold to 160 countries which is more then Masterchef….(Source:

Next Top Model’s Simon Holtznagel has a US Guess campaign and now she is modelling for a local lingerie company her career appears to be on the up. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Snooki has had a baby girl and here are the photos for all two of you that are interested. (Source:

Lara Bingle pregnancy rumours continue and she has landed back in Sydney. Will it be announced via a magazine deal? (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Because when you go to jail this is what you really freak out out – your hair extensions. Teresa Guidice is concerned her hair will look too thin. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ajay Rochester dressed as a twerking Miley Cyrus for Halloween, things are on the up for Ajay with news she has signed for a new reality show, possibly related to her new health kick. (Source: Daily Mail)

Dlisted has a good round up on the continuing saga aka mess that is this Honey Boo and child sex offender story. And Radar online have managed to get their hands on the original police report and it ain’t pretty. (Source: Dlisted)

Big Brother is going to China, this could be interesting hopefully SBS will pick it up. (Source: ABC news)

October 29, 2014   5 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Friday Evening Or The Stories That I Missed All Week!

Todd McKenny hits out at Mark Holden because he did not play by the TV rules and stopping the other celebrities from gaining publicity for themselves. Because that is what the show is about not about actually entertaining the viewer…..(Source:

Dean Ray’s future is so bright he is going to have to wear shades. He is runner-up in The X Factor has been signed by Sony and they have released his new single.  (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Teresa Guidice has been given jail time for fraud but she is continuing to be a diva and wanting to stipulate what prison she goes to. As expected she wanted to go to the prison where Orange Is The New Black Is Filmed. (Source: Dlisted)

Former DWTS contestant Kerrie Ann Kennerley is looking fantastic in this article she gives her beauty tips which includes drinking a lot of water. (Source:

The dark side of reality TV – this is an interesting article about how Call Of The Wildman a reality show on Animal Planet mistreated animals. (Source:

Linda Evangelista is another guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model. (Source: Press Release)

Tori Spelling has the shits with her husband, but she needs to remember that their marriage drama is the only thing propping up their reality show. (Source: Inquistr)

Bethenney Frankel to return to Rich Housewives Of New York. It might give it a much needed boost in ratings. (Source: Reality Blurred)


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Reality Tidbits – Wednesday Evening

RealityTV meme

The sale of apartment 6 on The Block does not look like it is happening anytime soon. (Source:

Mark Holden has offered to give up his place on Dancing With The Stars for April Pengilly. But that is unlikely to happen, he has singlehandedly had everyone talking about the show, something that was not occurring last week. (Source:

Sam from Big Brother says his girlfriend was not happy about how he behaved with Sandra, but he says he would not be doing what Lawson is doing in the house. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Well if the Lego reality TV show does happen it will almost be all branded content! It has a ready made audience with all the people particularly kids who love LEGO. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Kelly Osbourne is out here as a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model, and fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier will be as well. (Source: Daily Mail)

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi and actor Richard Gere have split up after being together for six months. (Source: Page Six)



October 15, 2014   4 Comments

Reality Tidbits: Tuesday Evening

Tully writes in that she feels that that the housemates were more genuine on last year’s Big Brother when she was on it.  (Source:

In this interview, Dion from Big Brother the way Katie and Lisa talked to Skye was almost bullying. (Source:

Pete Evans has another Facebook meltdown about Paleo and how evil the Heart Foundation is. He sure knows how to get publicity. But I did note he refused to go on the Project when he could be at the beach with his kids. (Source: SMH)

Michael John’s the Aussie guy who was on American Idol, may have died of alcohol abuse not a blood clot. (Source: TMZ)

Survivor’s Brad Culpepper is being sued by an insurance company claiming a disability fraud he made was fraud as he must have past mental and physical medicals to get on Survivor. (Source: Tampa Bay Times)

Allessandro Ambrosio, a model, is going to be a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Nathaniel Willemse will be supporting Mariah Carey on her tour in Australia. (Source: Daily Mail)




September 30, 2014   3 Comments

Reality Tidbits – Friday

Karise Eden, The Voice Australia Season One winner has a new single out today. Great voice but not sure about the song.

Seems like Paul Fenech is not out of Dancing With The Stars because injury but because he is on an assault charge. He allegedly assaulted a cab driver. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Aaron Thomas from season one Masterchef Australia has had over $7 million in embezzelment charges dropped. There has been a private settlement. I still don’t get how the firm had so much money going through it. (Source: SMH)

Catfish’s Nev Schulman is under fire for an elevator tweet he made about the Ray Rice domestic violence case. (Source: The Wrap)

Chantal may not have got The Bachelor but does has a crusher on Osher Gunsberg. She might want to get on Tinder as apparently he has downloaded the app. (Source:

Lara Bingle does not wear a bra and the world has a meltdown. (Source:


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