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Reality Tidbits – Juicy Bits Of Gossip And News – Monday Evening

The Voice winner Anja Nissen debut album has only sold 1952 copies. To be fair it is number 11 on the charts but it is still disappointing. Compare it to Karise Eden who sold over 33,000. Anja is in LA at the moment writing songs. She did not release a single with her first album which was covers of what she sang on the show. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Queensland singer Alexa took out the top gong on last night’s grand final and won a $50,000 music and education scholarship.The top six placegetters received trips to Disneyland. If you loved the show you can see them on tour in September. The tour dates are here.

Dani Im has released a new single and now so has Jason Owens who was runner up in series three of The X Factor he reckons he is all grown up and doing a bit of rock and roll. Also he now has the Shannon Noll facial hair. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Maddi and Lloyd from House Rules have told the media they would not go on a reality show again as their house has become a tourist attraction  with people doing drive-bys to have a look. Not quite getting why they would give an interview on this issue as it will just remind locals to go have a squizz. (Source: Daily Mail)

Sonia Kruger blasted New Idea for trying to whip up a story about her face. The picture on this week’s cover shows that her face is a bit red. They were probably hinting the flawless Big Brother host had had an acid peel, but she hit out on instagram saying she was in Hawaii and she had just been in the sun. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Kim Kardashian is going to publish a book of her selfies and call it Selfish, personally I would have called it Narcisstic. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The Face Australia winner, Olivia Donaldson, has a Bra & Things campaign. (Source: Daily Mail)

E! is looking for an Australian host. If you think you have what it takes to be a host on E! go to the official website to apply

There is going to be an Australian version of Pawn Stars, it will be set in Happy Hockers the pawn broker chain in Sydney.

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Reality Tidbits Thursday Evening

Sad news for Manu Feildel as his new restaurant has closed down due to lack of customers. He took a break from filming MKR to tell the staff himself. (Source: Good Food)

It takes The Bachelorettes 90 minutes to get ready for the show. (Source:

The winner of The Voice Australia says the show is not rigged. Well it is not surprising that she would say that. (Source:

Carly and Leighton, the winners of House Rules series one, have bought a million dollar house in Sydney. It is not even renovated. (Source: Daily Mail)

The US Bachelorette Andi Dorfmann was not happy when the runner up, Nick Viallis revealed he had “made love to her”. (Source: Daily Mail)

Of course an old dude on Fox news then calls Andi a slut. (Source: Daily Mail)


Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Tilly will be hosting her own cooking show. There will be no swearing. (Source: Digital Spy)

The Block and The X Factor producers discuss casting of reality shows and how you can’t always predict which of the contestants will resonate with the viewers. (Source: SMH)

There has been a brouhaha over in the USA on how badly people working on reality shows are treated, here are some more stories from the reality TV coalface. It is an interesting read. (Source: Gawker)

If you live in Perth and are fans of The X Factor on Saturday Reigan Derry and Sydnee will be performing at Westfield Carousel. (Source: West Australian)

Shanina Sheik has been hanging with Justin Beiber on a yacht off Ibiza. There were others on board. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Want to get into reality TV writing, well here is a course that might be able to help. (Source: Writers Store)

Interesting article about the nominations for Emmy’s Outstanding Reality Host Award. (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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Reality Tidbits – Friday

All the stories I missed this week:

A TV shows about Virgins on MTV – it sounds a little seedy, but apparently it is not as dreadful as it sounds. The show Virgin Territory (see above preview) follows 15 virgins as they decide whether to start their sexual journey. Probably won’t be on my must watch list but will definitely check out an episode. (Source: SMH)

Because of this show it inspired a columnist to draw up the list of the tackiest reality shows of all time. Chains of Love an Australian show made the list! (Source: Telegraph)

A blast from the reality TV past – My Restaurant Rules finalist Evan (Bella and he split up) and restaurant Pink Salt in Double  Bay Sydney has a good Living Social deal happening where for $49 you get $100 worth of food. I would get one but my rule is only have one voucher going at the one time due to having missed some due to them expiring.

Lisa Rinna to join Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I think it is going to put some of the other cast members noses out of joint. (Source: Daily Mail)

Neil Perry is continuing to expand his empire this time he is opening a burger joint in World Square. (Source: Business Insider)

Former Australian Idol contestant Axle Whitehead has landed a role in the US series Shameless. He was also in Home and Away. (Source: SMH)

Southern Charm which aired on Arena is getting a second season. However chances are Thomas Ravanel the middle aged former pollie, convicted crim and current heavy drink probably won’t be on it as he is running as an independent for Senate. Don’t think I am criticsing him he was one of the most compelling reality TV characters seen on our screens in the last few years. Oh and he the 50 year old managed to knock one of the 21 year old cast members up. (Source: Mother Jones)

There is going to be a movie based on Marco Pierre White life as Ridley Scott has optioned his memoir The Devil In The Kitchen. I am thinking Christian Bale would be a good person to play Marco. Who would you like to see take on the role? (Source: Cinema Blend)

A person in a court case is alleging that Simon Cowell is gay. (Source:

Jillian Michaels has quit The Biggest Loser due to some fundamental differences with producers. (Source: Huffington Post)

Fans of America’s Next Top Model might be interested in this list of the 15 Best Photos of All Time. (Source: Bellasugar)

And another list – 7 Biggest Dramatic Upsets on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. (Source: Wetpaint)

Uel and Shanelle from this year’s My Kitchen Rules have shelved  a future in food and are working as youth workers at their local church. They say the show gave them a platform to speak to youth. They are lovely. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Montana Cox recreates an iconic Kate Moss and Johnny Depp photo. (Source: Daily Mail)

Rick Martin has come out in support of Ian Thorpe saying his voice is a powerful new voice in the gay community. (Source:



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Reality Tidbits – Tuesday Morning

There are rumours that Roxy Jacenko might be making another reality TV show and she could be interesting if this email exhange with Sarah Stavrow is anything to go by. Also with her husband being charged with insider trading it would definitely add a plot line as the court case is on in November. I hope so she made the last series of Celebrity Apprentice. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Mel B apparently snogged another woman in a toilet, but you have to wonder if it would even be a story if she had been snogging some guy. (Source:

Jessica Simpson married the father of her two children over the weekend. (Source:

Adam and Lisa from House Rules say they were not millionaires and that they also want to give back to the community. (Source:

Romy the girl on The Voice Australia that had a tsunami of words written about her breaking down on national TV appeared on A Current Affair last night and she appears fine and is keen to audition next year. (Source:

Justice Crew has one of the longest hits on the Australian charts with their signal Que Sera. (Source:

Two US candidates who are certain to lose the elections they are standing in have been approached about being on a reality TV show which would feature their campaigns. (Source: Democracy Chronicles)

Former Next Top Model host Jodhi Meares might have been busted drink driving in a spectacular fashion but she appears to be coping with it by posting life affirmations on her instagram account. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Yaya Deng from The Face has landed a modelling job with Peter Alexander.(Source: Daily Telegraph)


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Reality Tidbits – A Wrap Up Of Stories Of The Week

Here is a wrap up of all the stories I have missed due to being on holidays:

There may need to be a exorcism in the new run down hotel that has been brought for The Block. There was a grisley murder there. It will be interesting to see if this will affect auction prices. (Souce: SMH)

Fear and loathing is occurring in Melbourne as producers from Foxtel decide which of the Real Housewives of Melbourne will be back for season two. Apparently other Melbournites are currently being wined and dined. (Source: SMH)

Michelle Bridges is teaming with Blackmores to produce “health” products and also she says that everyone should be able to find the time to train. (Source:

An interview with the very charming Charlie Allibone from Selling Houses Australia. (Source: TV Tonight)

Candy Spelling tells why daughter Tori barely inherited anything from her father after he died. She must think her spending habits are worse then her putting her life on a reality TV show. (Source: Daily Telegraph).

Remember when Channel NINE had Kitchen Nightmares on  about three times a week? Well no more as Gordon Ramsay has announced the series is over. It had probably gone on for too long and it appears 60 per cent of the restaurants he went to “help” ended up closing down. (Source: NY Mag)

Keith Urban will be back along with Harry Connick Jr and Jennifer Lopez for another season of Amercian Idol. They are great judges but unfortunately ratings continued to slide.

Apparently Honey Boo Boo has turned into a monster. (Source: Salon)

Celebrity Apprentice Australia star Lauren Eagle must be glad she is out of her relationship with Todd Carney after this weekend’s debacle. (Source:

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