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Reality Tidbits – Friday Morning

Peaches Geldof apparently died of a heroin overdose the same tragic way her mother Paula Yates died. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ricki-Lee reveals that she cried one of the last times she had sex with her former husband. Too much information? (Source: Daily Mail)

In the same interview with Ricki-Lee, Jacki O revealed she had had sex in the toilets at Planet Hollywood. For the record I was shocked at them being at Planet Hollywood. (Source: Daily Mail)

Johanna Griggs reveals there is going to be plenty of fights between the teams on House Rules. (Source: Daily Mail)

Former winner of America’s Next Top Model has taken out a restraining order on her ex. He has been banned from being near her or their child. (Source: Daily Mail)

Jackie Gillies from Real Housewives of Melbourne reveals her husband Ben proposed to her two days after their first kiss and they were married two months later. (Source: Daily Mail)

Ajay Rochester is doing interviews on the red carpet for Reality Wanted a US reality TV website. (Source: Finding My Mojo)

Kim Kardashian’s much mocked Vogue Magazine cover is the highest selling one ever. (Source:

Scott Cam is not so working class anymore with a multimillion property portfolio. (Source: daily telegraph)

The next Top Chef series will be in Boston. (Source: Reality Blurred)

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Reality Tidbits – Monday Night

Lara Bingle has not got a manager and is currently using her boyfriend’s Sam Worthington one. She changes managers a lot. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

The delightful X Factor winner Dani Im has a new single out and she has dedicated to her husband who has put his job on hold so he can be with her. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

An uproar occurred around Kylie Minogue when dancers were asked to work on her new video clip for free. (Source: SMH) Though now it has been revealed that they were paid $100 for the day which is well below the Actors Equity rate of $500. (Source: SMH)

Kylie Minogue also got a tickle up in this article where a punter complained about the length of time they had to stand at The Voice Australia live performance. Apparently Ms Minogue did not engage with the audience. (Source: Sunday Telegraph)

Ms Minogue is going to be thinking tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia as she was criticised for her performance at the Logies. Today she did say she did sing live in her much criticised performance of her new song. It was pretty bad. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Scott Cam was looking a bit worse for wear this morning after his Gold Logie win, but he did only get one hour sleep. (Source:

Johanna Griggs thinks Geoff Huegill needs to take responsibility for his actions in relation to his cocaine bust the other day. (Source:

Gordon Ramsay has had a new hair cut and rumours are saying he has had a hair transplant. (Source: Daily Mail)



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Reality Tidbits – Saturday

Tori Spelling is not shy about using her husband’s infidelity as a plot line on her new reality show. The above promo has them both sobbing on the couch for cameras. Also she told Star Magazine that she has not had sex with her husband since December. Too much information? (Source: Daily Mail)

My Kitchen Rules is holding off the date of announcing when the finale is going to be which means the viewer does not know when all the new shows are going to start. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The Lindsay Lohan reality show has been axed due to poor ratings.  Also it appears that she has fallen off the wagon and is drinking again. (Source: Daily Mail). However it doesn’t help to have parents like hers. Her mother Dina Lohan pleaded guilty to DUI earlier this week.

Gwen Stefani is likely to be taking over from Christina Aguilera on the US version on The Voice. Christina is pregnant with her second child. (Source:

Guy Sebastian and his wife Jules have welcomed their second son, Archer, into the world this week. (Source: Daily Mail)

The Bachelor’s Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich are on a road trip in the US. Don’t they ever work? (Source: Daily Mail)

Ryan Seacrest is saying he is out of here, well at least no longer going to do American Idol next year, which is code for his contract is up for renewal.  He has allegedly made $250 million from the show. The ratings on the show continue to fall. (Source: Daily Mail)

If you are thinking of applying for The Bachelor you might want to read this. (Source: Baltimore Sun)

Bethenny Frankel won’t be going back to Real Housewives of New York. (Source: Showbiz Spy)





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Reality Tidbits – Tuesday

An Australian team has won the MIPTV pitch in Cannes for their Reality/Horror series Zombie Boot Camp. They have won 25,000 EUROs to develop the idea. (Source: TV Tonight)

Very funny list of 15 alleged secrets from reality TV shows like Cupcake Wars and Storage Wars. (Source: Buzzfeed)

Because Gordon Ramsay is such a ratings tart he has re-visited Amy’s Baking Company on Kitchen Nightmares. Amy’s Baking was the scene of a notorious episode of the reality show with Ramsay ending up leaving. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Dan and Steph from My Kitchen Rules reveal how arduous the filming of My Kitchen Rules is. (Source: Fraser Coast Chronicles) Thanks Little Petal.

Jenna also from last year’s My Kitchen Rules has married her partner of seven years. (Source: New Idea)

Hollywood Reporter’s list of the Top 25 players in Reality TV in 2014. Mark Burnett who produces Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice is number one, but number two is Gordon Ramsay, he is the only chef on the list, after Ryan Seacrest they are all TV and production company executives. (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s star Taylor Armstrong has found happiness again after the death of her former husband as she has now married again. (Source: Examiner)

Kylie Minogue has quit The Voice UK due to a scheduling clash. (Source: SMH)

There is a My Kitchen Rules cookbook showcasing the recipes from this season. (Source: Mumbrella)

Simon Cowell’s musical “I Can’t Sing” might be going to Broadway. The show is a parody on reality TV. (Source: Daily Mail)



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Reality Tidbits – Thursday

Pop Sugar has interview with the latest evictees from My Kitchen Rules. Here is Carly and Tresne’s and here is Josh and Danielle’s. Josh said they were not allowed to use a sous vide machine in the MKR kitchen. However he did use one in the pop up restaurant challenge.

Ajay Rochester told Kyle and Jackie O she is going to buy a gun after threats were made to her son. You reckon she is a good shot too. (Source:

The second season of The Block has started filming in Prahan. They will be converting office blocks into residences. (Source:

Lara Bingle might not be going back to New York anytime soon as the paparrazi involved in that fracas has asked the court to issue a warrant. (Source: SMH)

Alex Fevola reveals she left husband Brendan due to ill health caused by stress. (Source: Daily Mail)

Fans of Kyal from The Block will want to see these topless shots of him, not sure about the leopard print board shorts. (Source: Daily Mail)

Molly Meldrum is working with Ben Hazelwood from The Voice Australia. (Source: Daily Mail)

It seems no one is watching Lindsay Lohan’s reality show (Source: Daily Mail)


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