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Here is a space for people to live discuss MasterChef Australia – MasterClass.

Apparently today George Calombaris said at the Sydney Food and Wine Show that he hated bloggers. So maybe we should show him some love tonight.


1 Jacqui { 07.03.09 at 8:22 pm }

Georges dish looked like a pizza!

2 Injera { 07.03.09 at 9:20 pm }

Sorry, George, no love at all from this skippy. You dissed my cul-cha! It wasn’t all cheese-stix, y’know! We had tic-tocs, date scones, afghan biscuits (what was going on with those?), leftover chow mein…

BTW, your open kofta looked exactly like the yummy Lebanese “pizzas” from Sydney Road.

3 Jacqui { 07.03.09 at 9:25 pm }

I was waiting for him to start complaining on about Vegemite!

4 CG { 07.03.09 at 10:15 pm }

Yeah! Georgie Porgie hates bloggers cause we called it right on his fascination, lust and favoritism towards Poh. He probably got a smackdown from his girlfriend Natalie who would be able to say that George’s infatuation is obvious to “everyone”! I think the success of MC (in terms of ratings, anyway) is going to Georgie’s head. Tall poppy!

5 sourkraut { 07.03.09 at 10:51 pm }

Nothing to be noice about. in fact a big nothing for this ep.
So while watching the simpletons earlier it was interesting that Homer said he’s not angry dad any more and he’s giving up being angry, and Marge said he should rather give up fatty foods! how did they know that homer was me? (was it when he turned green with rage and morphed into the inedible bulk, like some of our intrepid contestants dishes?)
Any hoo so no more anger, (until lumps form on my neck from suppression which doc Hibbert says i have to release through rage)
Well well well open kofta. George obviously has NO CLUE about Indian cooking, which is one of my faves. I love cooking koftas and there were enough ingredients to make some really nice spicey little meatballs in a beautiful yoghurt based curry sauce. (If Geo can add extras to the misty box for his demo, then so can i, a little turmeric and chilli powder for starters) His salad looked bland and bleah, I would have done a lovely cucumber raita and if time permitted, whomped up some chapatis, if not, slice open the pita insert the koftas and mix with the curry sauce and raita YUM.
Well DOESN”T Chris look PISSED off?! I don’t blame him. He probably thought he was at least top 3 material. Sorry mate, i did tell you to shave and ditch the pork pie, it doesn’t sit with the viewers and hence ten wont allow him success, but will keep him on for suspense value.
And POh wot r u sniggering about? has Geo’s twin laser beams given you ideas?
Lamb shanks……. the sailors friend. what a surprise that Justine would have known this was their regular most popular dish! Just add a packet of PK for some mintiness and viola (that’s french you know) orgasm on a plate , BY Geo’s mum again Perhaps she could come on and be the judge. Also what about ten’s proof of Einstein’s time dilation theory? 4 hours becomes 2 seconds and the adoring students haven’t shifted in their seats (bums must be getting sore). Just goes to show time (THYME) flies when you are having fun.
Geo your eyes were like ping pong balls on the end of a bamboo skewer boring (YES VERY BORING) into Poh’s magnificent heaving bosom with a touch of perspiration running down between her puff pant ……….. criminys who writes this penny dreadful trash? It’s straight out of Sarah’s Cosmo mag/rag thus giving her an increased part in the show as requested by others.
Luke arse from the tool restaurant. The world’s greatest treasurer once told us a souffle cant rise twice but Poh proved it can and will. It was a pretty bland blob in the end

Crepes suzette.. something i like at last even if it is RETRO RETRO RETRO RETRO RETRO yes Gary i got the picture, anyway for a MASTERCHEF you made a competent offering

An earlier comment by someone. cant remember who, sorry my apologies, no insult meant, said that the sailors picked the dishes they liked by appearance. I beg to differ, these people just picked what they always have for lunch (except for leak soup) I doubt if the look of it had much to do with it except possibly for Sam’s bland dish and Poh’s beautifully coagulating glop.

My final 4 lets see Julie, Chris and like someone else earlier, lets have Sam just for effort alone, I’m beginning to like him as he doesn’t let anything phase him, even geo’s teasing and if he won wouldn’t it piss Poh’s legion of fans off?. Last but not least, i’ve gone off Julia because a) her roots are showing, b) she is a parrot After tasting the MCs gourmandisms and c) she seems to be getting arrogant. SO as the vita wheat girl wasn’t on tonite I’d like to see Elena Dementieva in the final 4. She moves like a gazelle, pity she ran into a gorilla, but there aint no gorillas on MC are there ?

6 Reality Raver { 07.03.09 at 11:10 pm }

sourkraut – thanks again for your fantastic contributions to this blog.

The world’s greatest treasurer had some great lines, he would also be perfect reality TV material to rival The Donald.