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Masterchef – press-ganged

We’re at the Langham, where Skye and Alvin are wheeling a trolley of champagne into the Presidential Suite. Marion interviews that her win is still a bit surreal – possibly because she still doesn’t quite know what it means. Gary and George crash the party, not to offer canapes, but to summon them to the ballroom.

Aaron interviews that he’s knackered and Marion indicates that they all just want to go to bed. Matt tells them that the day is not finished, as tomorrow (which is not today, right?) is a team challenge. It’s all “one of the city’s most prestigious” this and “most talented” that. George announces that the restaurant is The Press Club, and looks a little embarrassed by the hyperbole. Gary tells us that this is a very important occasion, which raises the old “why put it in the hands of rank amatas then, you turkey?” question. It is said every week, but this is apparently the toughest challenge to date.

George tells the group that he trusts them and believes in them. Fine, but surely he has a professional brigade back there who would do this better. Alvin seems to take it all seriously, though, so the mojo is working.

For the winners? Lunch at Domaine Chandon. For the losers? “Dire consequences”, one of which is letting George down. Hrmph.

Marion is called forward and is looking forward to finding out what her super duper reward is. It is… working as George’s right hand, so it means she’s able to wear George’s apron. The others seem awed. More impressive is the fact that she won’t be up for elimination and STILL has this mysterious immunity.

Captains: Claire for the reds and Jimmy for the blues.

Red: Peter, Adam, Skye, Sharnee, Alvin, Jake
Blue: Matthew, Callum, Jonathan, Fiona, Joanne, Aaron

As Aaron and Jake wait to find out which one is tonight’s biggest loser, Aaron interviews that it clearly shows what the others think of him. Jake seems bemused, as he thought they liked him. I hate this part of the show. To make it worse for Aaron, he is left on the shelf, again, and reveals that it’s his 11th anniversary and he was already feeling a bit sad. Now he’s also blue.

“It’s not about red and blue team. It’s about one team” says George, nonsensically.

Yesterday, Marion had to walk to Mo Vida. Today? They get vans to take them a block east of that where George introduces front-of-house manager Angie and the head chef, Joe.

The food

Four courses

  • First: Oysters with taramosalata, chips and olive oil cous cous
  • Second: Smoked yoghurt soup with chicken oysters, cucumber and loukimi
  • Third: Roast lamb with miso moussaka and candied feta
  • Dessert: Aphrodite rose dessert with white chocolate and berries with a rose and soil perfume

Our contestants tuck in. Skye finds the dessert “decadent, refined and the yummiest” she’s ever had.


Claire has put Alvin, Peter and Sharnee in front of house, Jake on the oysters (yes, he fishes, but he is accident prone!), she’s taking on the second course, Adam’s on main and Skye’s on dessert.

Jimmy has decided that he should be out on the floor with Joanne and Fiona, which seems an odd choice. Aaron’s on first course, Jonathan’s on main, Matt’s on dessert and Callum is doing the chicken oysters.

Claire interviews that it’s hard to “compete” with somebody she’s used to working with. She does know that this whole thing is a competition, right? Callum discovers that there’s no white pepper so George sends him to the shop. Seriously.

Jimmy has chosen Fiona and Joanne as eye candy. Angie’s keeping an eagle eye on them as they set up the tables.

Callum returns to the kitchen with his white pepper, which is rejected by the chef. George tells him it’s “like sawdust”. Well, stock your bloody kitchen better if you don’t want IGA groceries, then, you duffer!

In the front of house team for the reds, Peter is saying that he is the “sommelier” for his team. He cops to not having a very good understanding of wine, so why on earth are they putting him up as “sommelier”? This kind of thing is truly moronic.

Callum tastes his yoghurt and realises it’s too smoky. The chefs confirm it, and he’s told to start again. Instead of doing that, he thinks he can effect a workable hack. Given that we’ve seen George screaming at him in previews, I think we all know how well that’s going to end. He gets Paul to try the “improved” yoghurt and he’s told he really needs to start again. Unfortunately he is now out of cucumber juice and low on cucumbers. Back to the supermarket.

Jake is struggling with the oysters, and Callum is now out of yoghurt. Jimmy’s advice to “crack on” is probably not all that helpful. Will the IGA have George’s special yoghurt? Skye reports that Claire is on top of everything, so she feels confident that the reds are travelling well. For the blue team, Matthew has split his cream, so needs to start his dessert again. Jimmy jumps in to help the eye-candy finalise set up.


And the first time we’ve seen Marion. George reiterates all the “we’re going to nail it” stuff, blah blah blah and then the team captains rev their teams. Matt is checking crockery and stemware for blemishes. When will this end?

Fireball, and the somewhat unwelcome realisation that this is a 90 minute episode. RSI.

Guests arrive. Is Luke Mangan chewing gum? Matt makes a big speech and I feel my energy draining.  Finally, he shuts up and the floor staff can work their magic.

George is getting antsy about the fact that no orders are coming. The waiters appear to be schmoozing, rather than getting the dockets in.

“I’m a bit worried about Aaron because he’s shucking oysters and he’s got a lotta shucking to do!” Joanne’s concern seems less than heartfelt.

Jake starts shucking when the red orders start coming in. Adam is impressed.  George is screaming for service and the reds seem to be a bit confused. Donna would like to complain, but she doesn’t want to stress George. The directors are complaining, though, as they have no wine, water or bread. Well done, red.

Claire and Callum are working together – she acknowdges that he’s had a horror day. It’s not over yet, as George is blowing a gasket out there. There needs to be a “best actor in a reality show” award next year – this is scenery chewing the likes of which I haven’t seen in a very long while. Makes Al Pacino’s turn in “Scent of a Woman” look restrained. This is starting to feel increasingly pointless – I’m assuming all the screaming is meant to indicate tension, but as it’s a completely manufactured scenario I have absolutely no investment in how it works out. Plus the customers look smug.

George is asking for the food to come quicker, but will bollock whoever gives him food that isn’t prepared properly. Meanwhile Marion is popping garnishes on dishes and Claire and Jake are out in front serving customers. And I am a little bit in love with the self-deprecating Jake: “I’m a good looking bloke, so I think George wanted me out there”.

Mid-game assessment

Jono’s lamb is lovely and Claire’s soup is bew-ti-ful.

Claire decides to switch up her service team and puts Sharnee in charge. Peter suddenly finds his schtick with the wines and it just makes me think that I will have trouble trusting a “sommelier” now, given how easily he blags it. Alvin believes that nobody can get angry with a waiter who brings dessert. He is a showman – I’d be happy with that kind of service.

Gary interrupts proceedings to explain to the guests what their judging role is. Are they really being “serviced” by either the red or blue team?


I hope the team who loses didn’t do so because Lynne Scully gave them a bad score! There are some impressive chefs there, but Neighbours alumni? And The Circle? Oh, Ten, you are shameless.


There are group hugs and George gives a speech about how they were all amazing “and all won tonight, for me”.

Domaine Chandon

I thought this was only for the winning team, but clearly I zoned out when Matt was gravelling that part of the challenge. Oh, I see, they all have to go out to the cellar, and only one team emerges for lunch? Harsh.

“Let’s recap the challenge last night,” says Gary. Oh, let’s not. Matt tells them they “saved George’s reputation” which makes it sound as though he was in need of rehab.

Matt recaps the prize and reveals that there’s an additional bonus for the winning captain. He or she will get a helicopter ride with a team-mate of their choice. So, tonights episode has Survivor elements in reward. Lame.


They are in, but of course we have to have a chat about how the kitchen worked. Please, just give us the results!

Reds: Blah blah blah solid, blah blah, Jake good, blah blah dessert bew-ti-ful “like you” Skye. Sorry, I can’t blah anymore. I’ve just bleaghed.

Matt reports that the front-of-house team lacked cohesion and talks about how the directors were left high and dry. Adam backs Claire as captain and Skye is named Claire’s pick as team-member of the day.

Blues: Callum had a horror start and some of Aaron’s oysters were badly shucked. Disasterous (sic) says George of Callum. Main and dessert were fantastic. Enough to make up for the start?

Gary says that the front of house took a long time to get orders in, but they caught on to their roles as the evening progessed. Jimmy nominates Matthew as the best performer and Callum as the weakest link, which is not something Claire had to answer. Angie gave the blues the nod as the best FOH team, which should be worth something, but is not. Instead, Lynne Scully’s opinion gets to count.

Scores (finally)

Gary’s dragging it out and making pointless gestures. Claire looks sad.
And now happy! The reds win! And it’s all Callum’s fault! But Skye could knock off that head-jiggling American accented celebrating.

As Claire says “I couldn’t be happier” we cut to the saddest group of people in this little Masterchef world. George tries to make them feel better by telling them he’s proud of them, and then tells Callum “he’s a star”. George has a bit of a weakness for the young guys who screw up. Gary asks if Aaron’s okay, which is nice, but then he should probably back off since the guy is really isolated in this group.

And Claire asks Jake to take the helicopter ride.

This is all a bit fake really, isn’t it? Pick him last, and then give the big “quiet achiever” boost; make a big deal about losing meaning you’ll let George down, and then have George reassuring them that they didn’t let him down.

Tomorrow? I hope Joanne goes, I guess.


1 dda { 05.26.10 at 10:39 pm }

George and his stupid soy-yool. Only this time its actually dirt.

2 rusty { 05.26.10 at 10:45 pm }

Great write-up yet, Injera. You’re a perfect antidote to these fatuous celebrity chefs.

I enjoyed tonight’s episode – it reminded me of why I left working in a hotel kitchen – the relentless shouting from the head chef!

Felt both desperately sorry for and annoyed with Callum, but I see the usual suspects avoided actual cooking again.

So what’s wrong with Aaron? I’d take him over half those women and Jimmy any day.

3 Anon { 05.26.10 at 10:53 pm }

Tonight was interesting as we started seeing more glimpses of Claire the lawyer.

Wonder what Claire’s gameplan was in selecting Jake (‘I’m stoked. I love helicopters’) for the ride. Pity? The most neutral choice that won’t come to bite her later?

4 Paul { 05.26.10 at 11:02 pm }

Thought it was a cracking episode tonight. One of the best so far from both seasons.

Not reading too much in Claire’s choice of Jake. From watching she seems to get along with Jake & Callum the best from the boys and I guess she just wanted to give Jake an opportunity to do something that he would unlikely ever get in the non Masterchef world.

Glad we saw more of Jake too. Will be a real contender in any sort of seafood challenge.

Sharnee keeps escaping the noose somehow.

No idea tomorrow night. Possibly Joanne but who knows in these sorts of challengers.

PS : Have no idea why Aaron always gets picked last as well. Seems nice enough and his cooking has usually held up. Strange that one.

5 KC { 05.26.10 at 11:38 pm }

I’m glad I’m not the only one puzzle about Aaron…Is he hated or something? He seems like a nice guy and pretty funny and he is by FAR not the worse cook in the house. I hope we’ll get some news about it. I have to say that as an emotional being, I did tear up a bit when Aaron was talking…Poor him…I really wanted Blue Team to win because of him so that he could be like IN YO FACE again 😀 But alas that wasn’t the case…So I really hope he doesn’t get out T___T

@Paul: AWESOME! I’m not the only one who thinks that about Sharnee

I wonder why Claire didn’t pick Callum if they were so used to working together.

I also feel really bad for Jono. He’s a really good cook but he’s been in the elimination round so many times, usually on team challenges as well. Another one that I hope is safe from elimination.

My preferred winners were all in the kitchen so I’m kinda hoping either Joanne, Jimmy or Fiona get out only because I like the people in the kitchen team too much.

And P.S. Jimmy majorly copped out. He was the captain but he decided to go front of house? WHAT??? I would think it was way more important to get all the dishes out and control the chaos inside the kitchen rather than be at the front of house.

6 Jenny Draut { 05.26.10 at 11:46 pm }

As Aaron himself puts in…its about one’s character!!!

maybe other contestants find him a bit boring or a bit of a loudmouth off camera? who knows..

yeah, that Joanne has to go, whats with the stupid hair for godsake…she must be 40something yr old

7 sourkraut { 05.27.10 at 12:31 am }

What’ next Matt?
A hearty yibbidy yibbida? ( with an old soft shoe shuffle)
Boring episode watching the utterly useless channel10 b grade celebrities stuff their faces. And what are we supposed to think about the MONUMENTAL MAGNIFICENT SUPERCALI oh who cares so called gathering of the bestest chefs in the world at Geo’s little cafe, I truly genuflect!!!. Sorry Injera, it really is a waste of time.
BTW INJERA awesome recap. Don’t know how you manage but keep up the great work

8 Fides { 05.27.10 at 1:44 am }

Jenny D : I think Joanne reserves that hairstyle for team challenges – perhaps it’s superstition and it’s her lucky plait… hasn’t worked so far though has it!

I really enjoyed this ep. Loved the tension – I was feeling it! I thought G was really getting shirty at them and that Gary was trying to calm him down. So if he was acting, yes he deserves the Logie, no, it would be Oscar worthy …

It was wise that the teams had equal numbers this week, because in other team challenges since Sarah walked out, there’s always been one team with an extra person. One extra person would have made quite a difference in this challenge I suspect.

I know lots of folks like Aaron, but I find him irritating. I just find his comments generally seem rehearsed or something, can’t quite put my finger on it. But he has proven he can cook, so it is surprising why he is always left till last.

dda – LOL at your phonetic spelling of George’s soil. I must say I was confused when he first said that as part of the dessert. I was thinking breadcrumbs? grated chocolate? Only worked out it probably couldn’t be eaten when Alvin took it to the table. Seriously though, could you imagine wanting something from a menu which has the word “soil” in it.

Injera, I hearted Jake too when he made that comment about his good looks – with that deadpan expression then that slight grin. I want him to go far! Wow – is that really his first win on a team? Yeah, deserves the helicopter ride for not severing any digits during his great oyster shuck.

9 Airwalk { 05.27.10 at 3:45 am }

I think this was the best episode of both seasons(oops who am I agreeing with :)) The Gs and contestants seemed fairly genuine, the longer episodes are better less obvious ‘editing’. And let’s see more of helicopter lover Jake. Hmph so who to go tomorrow-well Jon is getting stronger with all this elimination practice…but I would like to see Jimmy go, although more likely Fiona or Matt. And I agree its strange how Aaron gets picked last…whats the goss on that? (btw if any of you get the chance to see Rickie Lee Jones especially at the Opera House, go, I wasn’t really aware of her very much but she was fab tonight)

10 CG { 05.27.10 at 3:49 am }

So Marion effectively got / won 2 immunities. Surely some in the house will be getting jealous and have their knives out. I must say I had not noticed overt favourism until tonight and the way she was worshipped by George and Gary. And she (Marion) gets to go to the Chadon lunch as well. Surprised she wasn’t also invited to go along on the helicopter ride!

Mystified why Aaron was picked last? I’ll still stick with my original pick for him to win it all made in week 1 (at least until he is eliminated), ha!

So if Callum didn’t have white pepper for his soup because it wasn’t in the pantry…how come Claire didn’t also have to make an emergency grocery run? Hmmm. Sabotage from sweet, shy Claire?

I agree with Anon that Claire may have picked Jake to join her for the helicopter ride because it is a relatively neutral choice that won’t come back to bite her later.

Callum and Aaron would surely have been going to the elimination challenge if they had followed the “worst two” format of past weeks. I like the idea of the entire team going. This reduces potential for sabotage and makes the group work more as a team which should be one test (teamwork) of “Masterchef”.

Did anyone catch yet another snide comment from Joanne. George asked her what others were doing in the dining room during service and she whinged that she didn’t know what others were up to, can’t recall exactly what she said but the impression was she was trying to make it look like she was the only one working and the others were slacking off. I’d consider her a real bitch but I think she is actually not too bright…which makes her less a bitch and more just a cow!

I reckon Joanne or Jimmy might go Thursday night.

11 Airwalk { 05.27.10 at 3:58 am }

Oh and I loved Callums visits to IGA…I am actually becoming a real life IGA convert myself so the sawdust blurred out white pepper didn’t put me off…

12 librarygirl { 05.27.10 at 8:59 am }

I loved this episode because it showed how hard cooking in a restaurant, when 30 people all want the same fiddly course at once, must be. I don’t think George was acting – I liked him more because he was REAL and was just the boss doing his job.
I think they were all emotional at the end because they got a real dose of the the industry they want to work in. And they started at 12, the diners were coming in at 7 and presumably were there for at least 2 hours. So on their feet nine hours. I would be sobbing too.

13 librarygirl { 05.27.10 at 9:00 am }

Oh, and I loved Jake finally getting airtime/attention. Has he ever been asked up to participate in Masterclass? I don’t think so.

14 qui est? { 05.27.10 at 10:33 am }

Fides re: Joanne’s lucky plait.. *_* You owe me a new computer! I totally choked on my coffee and spat it all over the screen.

Injera, thanks for confirming the presence of Neighbours alumni.. for a moment there I thought I was having an aneurism and my brain was imprinting Neighbours’ faces on famous chefs.. O_o;

I find Jake to be rather bland, but I’m sure it is a result of the editing practices of Channel Ten – every time I see him on screen he has the most ridiculous hang-dog expression as if George and Gary just beat his puppy to death with a baby seal.

P.S And will sombody please explain the gorram immunity pin already?! (I’m looking at you Gary! Aren’t you supposed to be the Mr Fancy Pants Host Man?)

15 Pollywaffle { 05.27.10 at 10:58 am }

The episode flowed sooo much better – would that have to do with the lack of recaps, shots of real cooking, and cut to the chase action. I couldn’t remember the colour of Matt Ps pants either which is a real sign there was something else to focus on.

Still bugged by the practical implications of the immunity pin. Marion is now ‘above’ the competition but we dont know exactly how ( she might have wanted to take part in the challenge, who knows?). Or if its really an advantage, the Gs have a weird take on whats a reward and punishment -her prize, get to wear George’s apron. Whats next she gets to wear his underwear?

16 Pollywaffle { 05.27.10 at 11:08 am }

Press Club sure does things differently. If there was set menu, why did there have to be orders? Anytime I’ve gone to a one menu affair it just arrives as the chefs kinda have a good idea of what you are going to eat. Was this a stupidly thought out attempt at drama?

Neighbours ‘star’s and AFL footballers rating the meal? Im not sure if a high rating is a good one

17 TDK { 05.27.10 at 11:22 am }

Pollywaffle – good point about the menu!!
Yeah, I’ll have number, 2,3, then 4, and 1, thanks!!

18 Paul { 05.27.10 at 1:18 pm }

Just something I have thought of.

With the policewoman walking early in the series are the contestant numbers out as a result ?

By that, I mean that Wednesday’s would normally have an even number of contestants for team challengers but because of the early exit its always lopsided. Hence why we may be getting some contestants given a reason to stand aside (Marion).

I wouldn’t be over surprised if one Thursday or Monday there was no contestant eliminated simply to balance up the numbers for the Wednesday challengers.

19 Fiona { 05.27.10 at 2:15 pm }

Poor Aaron, I think he is a bit hard-done by for some reason. He is a great cook, one of the main reasons the blue team won in the French challenge with his applause-eliciting lobster. Perhaps he is a too “rock’n’roll” for most of them…. I hope he doesn’t go home tonight just to round up a hard couple of days.

Much as I like Marion and admire her, I think getting a free ride on this challenge as a bit of a gift, I realise that with odd numbers the teams would be lopsided (what have the done the previous weeks?) but she doesn’t need wrapping in cotton wool to this extent.

Interesting point about Claire not seeming to run out of white pepper? And also not good to see Jimmy copping out of the captaincy putting himself front of house – when Dominic did that in the Italian restaurant challenge it didn’t seem to work for him either.

Matt is really starting to annoy me, I used to love him when he was a relatively anonymous, eccentric character now he is really coming off as pompous and a bit ridiculous. Is it too late for him to dial back the attitude?

Please let Joanne or Jimmy go tonight – poor old Jonathon is doing overtime on this show, his cooking should save him.

20 Suzanne { 05.27.10 at 3:32 pm }

I agree Pollywaffle with the whole docket/ order business. Plus the fact with the front of house: If there were 60 diners, (fortunately recapped in the blathering of summing up), then each team served 30. With 3 foh staff in each team, each one was only waiting on 10 people. Even if one person was on sommelier duty, that was still only 15 people – how could they leave one whole table waiting for 30 mins or whatever with no water or wine??
As for peppergate:
1. As mentioned by CG, what did Claire use and where did she put it after she used it?
2. What sort of restaurant does not have plenty of pantry supplies – like white pepper?
3. If George actually does run his supplies down to the bone, surely he would be familiar with the quality of items at the local IGA? Unless of course he meant Callum to zip over to the Melbournian equivalent of Herbies?

21 TDK { 05.27.10 at 3:45 pm }

Looks very much like a try hard version of Hell’s Kitchen by Ramsay.
May have setup supply shortage as a lame attempt at drama.

22 Set up!!! { 05.27.10 at 4:01 pm }

Pepper/Cucumber/Yohurtgate was so staged it was comical. If I was Callum I would let George know I was too busy doing my job and get his inventory man to do his.

23 Suzanne { 05.27.10 at 4:07 pm }

Well, I could maybe accept the cucumber and yoghurt because he stuffed the first lot up, though you would probably think those items are staples in a Greek style restaurant too.

24 Paul { 05.27.10 at 4:08 pm }

Must every episode have some sort of lame conspiracy theory attached. Its getting really boring.

Perfectly feasible that they ran out of supplies since :
a) They knew the exact numbers who were coming beforehand.
b) They knew how many dishes needed to be cooked that night since it was a set menu.
* so taking a & b together, they most probably would have ordered near enough to the exact amount plus a little left over for that night.
c) You’d assume they only use fresh ingredients and not keep supplies lingering.
d) It was the opening night after 3 months off and screw ups are bound to happen.

25 Injera { 05.27.10 at 4:22 pm }

dda: soy-yool! Awesome. The actual (edible) dessert looked amazing, though, and I’d go to the restaurant just for that. Did they mention at all that it was a Burch and Purchese creation? Here’s a mouthwatering link to details on it:

rusty: Thanks! Ah, you’ve got a kitchen background. I wish I knew why Aaron was so unpopular as, like you, I think he looks to be a solid contender.

Anon: Jake was an interesting choice – I was expecting her to select Skye, given her MVP status.

Paul: You’re probably right about the reasons behind choosing Jake. After all, it’s not Survivor where the choice could have repercussions (the team-mates left behind don’t have much incentive for “scheming”, after all). Good point about the odd numbers existing because of the walkout. Hope they do skip an elim to balance it out, although I wonder why they didn’t do it that week?

KC: Ha! Good point about Claire not picking Callum. And I agree that it would be disappointing if Jonathon goes, as he does seem to be one of the strong cooks. If the previews are correct, Joanne might be in trouble for choosing beef to match with the wine.

Jenny: There must be something we’re not seeing about Aaron. Hmmm.

sourkraut: At least we’re all in this together!

Fides: Lucky plait! Having even teams was a good idea for this challenge. Hopefully Paul’s prediction of a non-elim will come true. If Jake had “severed digits” shucking the oysters, they could have been dished up as finger oysters, I guess…

CG: The two immunities thing is weird, isn’t it? Perhaps we will see Marion on the helicopter ride… keep your eye on the co-pilot! That IS interesting about Claire not suffering from white-pepper-blues!

Airwalk: I’m not sure that it was really IGA, just that the IGA is the closest to The Press Club. Perhaps they went a bit further for a proper (sponsors) supermarket!

librarygirl: It would have been a full-on experience for the contestants – I don’t think any of them were exaggerating their exhaustion or the adrenaline rush at the end. George may not have been “acting” per se, just that he would have had to have believed the spin about it being “his reputation on the line” (it wasn’t – if anything, it would have given him an excuse if the launch bombed!) to really get that invested in it. I’ll be keeping my eye on the Masterclass to see if Jake gets any love.

qui est: Somebody else spied Dr Karl, too. If I still had it on tape I’d be looking for some Big Brother winners, too! And +1 on wanting explanation of the immunity already!

Pollywaffle: That’s an excellent benchmark for a good episode – not noticing Matt’s pants! Although I think he had toned down his look a bit last night, in keeping with his MC responsibilities. Ah, yes, the set menu seemed to cause more issues that you’d think with ordering and organisation. Any time I’ve been to a dinner with set menu, the wine has been the only thing I’ve had to worry about with waiters.

TDK: I like that idea of specifying dessert first! And second. And third. It was VERY Hell’s Kitchen.

Fiona: I’d forgotten the precedent Dominic set with FOH – obviously Jimmy did, too! It would be good to see a couple of last year’s episodes to see how much/if the judges have changed much. Matt certainly does seem much more bombastic!

Suzanne: Thanks for the breakdown of staff/diner ratio. Maybe the FOH staff were star-struck by the stellar celebrites!

Set up!!!: As Suzanne says, perhaps (just MAYBE) I’ll accept the cucumber and yoghurt, but the pepper was a bridge too far.

Paul: It’s not a conspiracy theory – it’s baulking at having to suspend disbelief over something so trivial. I don’t run inventories in kitchens, but would imagine that pepper is not something that is ordered to quantity on a daily basis. Good point on it being the opening night after renos and expecting some screw-ups, but seems a bit harsh to expect one competitor to shop and not his counterpart as well.

26 auds { 05.27.10 at 4:28 pm }

Hi guys

newby here, loving your work, keep it up

27 Wurstsemmel { 05.27.10 at 4:30 pm }

Yep, that occurs to me too, TDK. Was kind of disappointed when George didn’t lose it and let rip the F word. Have to say with all his frantic fist shaking, a stellar career with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as first maracas player awaits…..

The hair plait just makes me think more that Joanne is like one of goody two shoes, suck up to teacher, tell tales Lind of school girls…I’d like to see Joanne plated up for eviction tonight please.

As some have already said, funny how the stllar restaurant guest list consisted of old or current Neighbours peeps

28 Airwalk { 05.27.10 at 4:38 pm }

Was definately IGA, as I saw the sign. I prefer my local IGA because they stock better yoghurt and Ambrosia Rice Pudding than Coles (and Coles no longer gives me shareholder discount and Flybuys is a crock)-yeah was a bit silly Callum had to jog down there 3 times, but he should have remade it when told to some Head Chefs would have given you a right bollocking a.if you stuffed it and then b. ignored their instructioons to remake it. Would have liked to have seen what didn’t make the final cutMC unedited, sure there was swearing. OK back to Top Chef Masters.

29 MelbaToast { 05.27.10 at 4:42 pm }

I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet, but I love this blog more than the show I think – so I have no qualms in reading all about the show without having seen it yet.

A friend of mine HATES Aaron as he thinks he is a “trendy inner city w@nker”. My friend (when I say “friend” this is not a euphemism for me, I really have a friend. Honest) is not trendy by any stretch of the imagination, nor does he live the inner-city lifestyle. And as I’ve realised untrendy people despise trendy people.

Maybe the house is just full of lucky plaited untrendy w@ankers that hate the trendy w@anker cos he always wears a beanie and hangs out with ‘the band’.

30 Set up!!! { 05.27.10 at 5:03 pm }

George is a pro. He is not going to send someone three separate times to the IGA while time is ticking away. He would also be very specific about where he wishes to source it, the quality of the produce and ensure that no other supplies need to be obtained for the trip. He was just making an example of Callum.

31 Paul { 05.27.10 at 5:07 pm }

But that sort of behaviour would just be par for the course from any head chef to an apprentice. I dare say he wouldn’t try that on a Skye or Angela but a kid like Callum would just be like 100 similar apprentices that have gone through his kitchens

Looked like late morning too when Callum was getting the ingredients as well.

32 Airwalk { 05.27.10 at 5:14 pm }

I agree-without the grassy knoll-was just making an example of him: surprised he didn’t have to milk an animal to make the yoghurt after ignoring instructions. Who is Angela? Or you really confusing him with Ramsay? (oh the lovely dykey FOH Press Club employee?)
Spoilers::(from MS message board)

So, I think I’ve posted some of these, but next week we have,

Rick Stein for Elimination on Monday
The Loverly Maggie Beer for the Celeb Chef Challange
And the P&O Pacific Jewel Team Challenge, the toughest yest me thinks 😉

Oh & Gary is missing next week, this is when he hurt his knee.

33 Injera { 05.27.10 at 5:28 pm }

Airwalk: Heh, Ambrosia Rice Pudding! I wonder if Gary likes that more than Jimmy’s or Peter’s rice puddings… And Callum absolutely SHOULD NOT have tried to rescue his smoky yoghurt – would have loved to have seen a real life bollocking! Hmph, I’m missing Top Chef Masters? *tells self that three reality shows in one day is enough. Tally: Idol, Celeb Apprentice, Project Runway* Oh, and the Angie I was referring to was George’s FOH manager.

MelbaToast: That’s the likeliest explanation I’ve seen so far for Aaron’s mysterious unpopularity.

34 Mama'sMilk { 05.27.10 at 5:34 pm }

Poor Callum; I don’t work in hospitality but can relate to the “apprentice grilling” after suffering similar injustices at the hands of senior surgeons (I was once asked to run down the hall to get a long stand … and yes I was standing there for ages!)

And nine hours of panicked adrenaline while being rushed off your feet, reminds me of my first nightshift in A+E (although FOH contestants, I’m pretty sure I managed to treat more than 15 patients!)

35 Airwalk { 05.27.10 at 5:36 pm }

Never got into PR…watched Celeb Apprentice a couple of days ago and streaming US Idol now-guess I will have to wait till I get home from work to watch it though. Top Chef is my fav cooking challenge show, highly recommend it. Oh a real life bollocking in a kitchen is one to behold…George wouldn’t be able to match it physically with some of the ones I have seen from well knon chefs: hands round apprentices necks and suspended from floors & the like…

36 MelbaToast { 05.27.10 at 5:42 pm }

Project Runway (or Wunway as Heidi says) is my favourite. Loving Models of the Runway too. do you blog about these too Injera?

37 Set up!!! { 05.27.10 at 5:47 pm }

This why the show is so arbitrary. At any whim you could find a fault with any of the contestants no matter how well they perform overall. Mmmm, who should I pick on today. Ahh, Callum will be fun. It doesn’t necessarily mean that no one else stuffed up. It’s just hidden from the camera. Who really knows how true performance is really evaluated. Which would score higher in real life – a decently cooked steak from a bistro or raw chicken from a 3 hat?

38 Injera { 05.27.10 at 5:55 pm }

Mama’s Milk: I’m grateful that I haven’t had to endure that kind of initiation into a workplace!

Airwalk: Have watched some seasons of Top Chef, but not the most recent Masters. Must rectify. Love most of the judges (and happy to hear that Toby is being/has been(?) replaced).

MelbaToast: No blogging just watching. Haven’t been catching the Models show, though. Check the sidebar for RR’s posts on Runway.

Set up: Arbitrary is a good description. Have you seen the real Masterchef? It does seem to be more even-handed in its coverage of the various contestants (and more about the food).

39 Pollywaffle { 05.27.10 at 6:01 pm }

emerging theory about the pepper drought at Press Club, maybe someone is stocking up – a helpful boost for a spontaneous sob , so easy to red up the eyes on cue, or just handy to refresh the sinuses after a day up to your neck in marron. I’ll be looking for hands in pockets from now on

40 Bee { 05.27.10 at 8:03 pm }

I’m a bit late with the comment, as I’ve only just caught up, but for all the chat about Joanne and her dicky plait, I wish someone would give Fiona a hairbrush!! I can’t believe they let her be front of house with her messy, ratty ponytail. I thought long-greek-name lady that runs the place would have pulled her up on it.

41 Bee { 05.27.10 at 8:06 pm }

Me again – OMG the snot running out of Joannes nose when she tears up at the end. That was not a pretty shot

42 Project wunway | ThalabyhalabyLaw { 03.18.11 at 10:55 pm }

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