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The Renovators – The Finale

Tonight The Renovators finally showed the finale. Most viewers would know the houses went to auction a couple of weeks ago over a three night period.

However not in The Renovators land. Brendan and the judges were pretending the auctions were all on the same night. In fact everyone wore the same clothes three nights in a row. I hope they were washed at least once in that time.

Brendan was also now pimping that the winner will be Australia’s best renovator not whipping them into a frenzy about all the money they could potentially win.

Anyway the auction kicked off with the weatherboard with Melissa as keyholder.

Brendan told her the weatherboard profit point was $573,855.

It sold for $575,000. Mel was disappointed and thinks they got a bargain. In a previous episode she thought it was worth over $700,000. She was dreaming. So she made a profit of $1,145. However as Brendan cheerfully pointed out she was the leading renovator. Even Melissa was not that stupid as she realised if she won the show her prize winnings would be less than $6,000.

Next up was August at the Marrickville shop.

The profit point for the Marrickville shop was $713,676. There was only one bid who came in with $700,000. He must be kicking himself he should have started at $650,000.

At this point Robyn Holt did a Scott Cam (when Chez’s apartment had not sold) and looked at her shoes and said nothing. Props to Barry Dubois for carrying an uncomfortable moment through.

Luke’s inner city terrace’s  price profit point was $899,268.

It was hilarious all the inner city latte drinkers asked for their faces to be pixelated. Possibly not cool to be seen on a reality show.

It is sold for $925,000. Which gave it a profit of $25,732 which give him a profit point of 2.86%. He took over the lead.

The half done house auction was a disaster.  Melissa thought it would suit a gay couple because it is immaculate. Let’s not stereotype. However Peter would have liked anyone with a bit of cash to turn up.

The profit point was $802,083. As Baz tried to whip up some excitement Robyn was the voice of reason when she said “we need another bidder”. The bidding stalled at $710,000. There was  a vendor’s bid at $750,000. the house eventually sold for $770,000.

It was Natalia’s turn to have her real estate dreams dashed. The sixties suburban looked great and either nothing is happening in Castle Hill or there were some genuine buyers there. The profit point was $758,194. There was a lot of action but only sold for $730,000. Suzanne smirked and Nathan had his head in his hands.

Then it was time for the final house. The fibro house was the one the producers must have thought would win as they put it last.

All of the contestants are at the fibro house and it looked cold. Brendan gives Michael the bad news that currently the profit pool is only $26,000.

The profit point was $371,988.

The Fibro shack sold for $440,000 to a very nice young lad, so Michael won. His prize pool was $94,889. Brendan told him they were going to round it up to $100,000.

Unfortunately I don’t think we will be seeing another series of The Renovators which is a pity as the bones were there for a great reality show.


1 Moonstruck { 10.14.11 at 12:18 am }

Well it seems that they finally got respectable ratings and they might do second series.

2 Fibros- the ugly duckling of the unimaginative { 10.14.11 at 12:19 am }

Fab news Emma! Oh am going to miss secretly reading this thread. So many of us have come out of the woodwork (:)). Thanks a RR and rencrazy!!

Watching bad Colombian film. Why do baby-boomer Latino menhave to be such stereotypes! Grrh. But why am I watching such a bad film! Missing the renovators already.

3 Fibros- the ugly duckling of the unimaginative { 10.14.11 at 12:27 am }

There goes my secret tradition over the last 3 months. From BBC world service radio to overcome hubby’s snoring, to reading this thread and then listening to Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. Seriously makes you go to sleep after 10 mns. have best collection of old digitalised archive.

Listening to old time radio serials (on ur I-device) will be all the rage in next cple of years.

Good night secret amigos! Seriously listen to Johnny dollar- at insurance investigations he’s great, but at cooking the books he’s a gEnius!

4 Culinary Boner { 10.14.11 at 12:12 pm }

The primary advantage of this show over The Block was the lack of:-
– the appallingly lame Scott Cam and Shelley Tweety Bird; and,
– the constant repetitive editing that assumed we the audience have goldfish-like attention spans and the combined reasoning skills of Troy and Mackenzie from Beauty and the Geek.

I would be willing to give The Renovators another go on the proviso that they:-
– reduce the length of the season (why do these shows have to run as long as the NRL/AFL/NFL seasons? Ma$terChef has a lot to answer for in this regard)
– develop a clear set of competition rules and a consistent format for challenges and stick to it (if you look at shows like Top Chef you can see how to introduce drama and variety into challenges having to move the goal posts all the time)
– cut the lame, ‘community interest’ crap like the trip to Qld (if the producers want to feel good about their jobs then I suggest they ditch the Xmas piss-up this year – they didn’t earn in anyway – and donate the money saved to charity)
– focus challenges on rewarding – and showing – renovation skills (rather than half-arsed ‘artistic’ challenges, colour matching of cushions or murdering plants in ‘vertical gardens’)
– limit the use of the white room challenges (these were more often than not a waste of contestant sweat, material resources and viewer time)
– introduce more arsehole/egotistical contestants into the mix (every form of entertainment – films, theatre, footy – is better if there’s someone to hate and boo)
– properly research the property market and identify properties that have a shitload of difficult problems to solve, so that most of the action can focus on the renovation
– sort out DA and engineering approval local government stuff prior to starting the show (there’s no interest in watching people sit around moaning about red-tape delays, most of us get to do that at work)
– Oh, and as suggested by numerous others here, ditch Freedom and allow more creativity if they must persist with decorating the houses prior to sale

A properly focussed series with an 6-week run to get the renovations completed primarily through contestant labour (except for tasks that have statutory restrictions or in which they could kill themselves) would be the way to go I reckon

5 Kramer { 10.15.11 at 1:28 am }

All the posts for the finale are really great! Over the weeks, I really enjoyed reading all the comments in this blog. Great observations and really good appreciations and contrasts to the realities that we experience everyday. I would definitely most miss checking the comments after every episode, here, and sometimes writing about it. I don’t really watch reality shows so can’t follow up the other discussions.

Culinary Boner you came up with great pointers there! I hope the producers get to check the blog. Hope they are the kind of people open to ideas of improvement (perhaps that is hoping too much)!

Australian property market seems to be getting exhausted. House prices in Australia are the highest of any English speaking country relative to income (according to ABC). Yep, investors are speculating for a bursting bubble sometime soon (hopefully not!). Canberra definitely has the highest or the second highest house prices in Australia (Mining boom city, Perth, is one of the top if not the top). Canberra’s Public sector superficial wage minimum versus Perth’s excessive, perhaps, mining exports are definitely having effects in the local economies reflected in the house prices (perhaps that mining tax would have been convenient to slow down the latter effect on the whole economy).

Would definitely be great to see another Renovators with lots of improvements, less waste, more on real renovations, fairness instead of favoritism, less editing and more reality.

Some of things that caught my attention in the finale were:
1. Melissa’s comments (Peter’s house for homosexuals ? Fibro the ‘castle’ of blacktown -found it a bit offensive-? and others).
2. The only bidder for the shop starting at $700k.
3. Luke expecting too much for a house that did not have a car park and with streets parking restrictions. No one having a $1million would pay that much for a house without parking. Expecting for someone to have a million and not a car will be rather silly. I think with all the renovations, and looking at the market in the area the price it went for it was quite good (but yes, it could have been a ‘bit’ better no more).
4. The flat ending without asking questions on what from there on…

6 JandB { 10.17.11 at 9:09 pm }

A little late but thought some of you might be interested- just came across this in a ‘live blog’ with Michael (the winner) which was held at some point after the finale (from
Comment From Michelle B
Well done Michael….job well done. But will you be sharing a piece of the profit with Jarrod ?

From Michael:
Hi Michelle, I did plan to but because the prize money wasn’t as much as expected there really isn’t a lot to go around.

Personally, I’ve not been one of those saying that Michael definitely should share the money since I guess that was the point of the show (winner takes all) but I was surprised that he considers the prize money inadequate to share some with Jarrad…

7 Culinary Boner { 10.17.11 at 10:08 pm }

He could at least shout him a haircut

8 sue { 10.17.11 at 10:32 pm }

I guess when you consider how much time out of their lives the show took, and what their expectations probably were, based on all the crapola coming out of the procuders/presenters moths- they probably were expecting waaay more. Having said that, it would have been nice if he could have made some gesture to Jarrod- not sure what tho…. (apart from the haircut, lol :) )

9 smauge { 10.18.11 at 7:03 am }

A lot of these shows have a “no sharing the prize money” clause in them. I guess it’s to prevent alliances in shows etc. Renovators MAY have had it in their clause and maybe Michael was trying to tactfully answer the question without actually revealing contract details.

10 sue { 10.18.11 at 7:28 am }

very good point smauge- hadn’t even considered that, but a clause to prevent alliances is highly likely isn’t it? :) :) if so, then I think Michael is in an awkward position- the public expects him to make some sort of gesture to Jarrod, yet possibly his contract prevents this…. :).

It would restore my belief in Michael if this is indeed the case!!! I still like him (as a person lol) but the lack of gesture to Jarrod has been a little disheartening….

11 smauge { 10.18.11 at 8:13 am }

Not everyone. I don’t get at all why people expect him to give away some of his money to Jarrod. It was a comp, Michael won. I don’t think Jarrod expects him to. I’m not sure he’d have given Michael any if he’d won.

12 simone { 09.17.12 at 5:57 am }

1. those houses were fabulous! They were worth much more than what they were sold to.

2. The profit point must be calculated considering the money won during the challenges too!

3. It has been stupid to have told all Australia how much money they were spending! this is not how it works in the real world! this way none can ever make money selling houses! absurd….

4. i hope there’s going to be a second season, but with more teaching and less “repeating already seen images”.

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