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The Shire – Real Versus Scripted

The Shire finally had what appeared to be unscripted footage in it, however there was a nod to Jersey Shore in it except that Sophie and Vernesa appeared to be sober when they were slugging it out. Go here to view exclusive footage. Hopefully when they were in that scrag fight they were asking themselves “what would JWOW do now?”.

The Shire Mayor will now use this footage as proof that they were never “shire girls”,  repressing the memories of the Cronulla riots which was a much bigger brawl than this one.

Anyway back to latest episode and unfortunately the scripted footage was not quite as entertaining.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Beckaa reveals she does not think there is such a thing as a natural beauty and admits for her to do pageants she will have to tweak everything.
  • Becka’s hairdresser gave her the news we all knew, that her hair was beyond repair and she ended up with a brown non-Lara Bingle haircut. I love Beckaa’s delusion that she thinks she is classier than Lara Bingle.
  • Stace, Beckka’s best friend, was going to come out to his parents, however he figured his parents already knew the fluro pink underpants he wears may have tipped off his mother.
  • New character was Nikee who is an lingerie waitress entered the show. Her whole life revolves around her boyfriend Michael, but apparently he is a cad but she gets supports from her friends Megan and Courtni.
  • The question has to be asked where did Shine find this trio of slappers, they make Sophie and Vernesa look classy.
  • Nikee doesn’t appear to have much going on considering the majority of her air time we watched her watch Megan washing her ferret, and no that was not a euphamism;
  • Though the ferret washing was slightly more interesting than Andy and Tegan’s date at the golf range.
  • Nikee’s plot development was her confessing she was ten days late, she was too thick to realise she could find out by actually buying a pregnancy test.
  • Mitch took his top off and came to the conclusion that he wanted to meet his father for the first time. It was a bit suss his mother after 20 plus years still had his phone number.

There was no Sophie and Vernesa in this episode and it was sorely needed, as they give good reality TV in real life and on screen.

The Shire on Wednesday night at 8pm.


1 nikki { 08.16.12 at 10:38 am }

i can’t make myself watch this show, but i had it on so i would not miss Puberty Blues kicking off while dealing with sleep resisting boy, and trying to clean the kitchen. I also thought ‘whatever’ at the mother having the elusive dad’s phone number.
but reality shows are not real, right?
later, during the (great) ‘footage’ of the brawl of the shire girls on channel10 news, they were absolutely delighted to say ‘the controversial show’ at least 2 times. now i have read upset comments on how bystanders would first film, then intervene.
yeah. i would have filmed the bitchfight.
i have also seen actual fights between actual people.
they do not look like that.

2 G Nikolaros { 08.20.12 at 2:07 pm }

I love this show, it makes me want to live closer to the shire.