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Big Brother Australia’s – Intruders Trying To Get In the House?

What I love about the Big Brother show is the shenanigans that goes on around it and it appears some smart person or corporation is trying to “enter the house”.

In the last 48 hours, an attempt was made by an unknown source to get past BB security to get a message inside the compound.

The only connection to the activity so far is via a Twitter account called @HLFU_au which has been posting images and clips for the last couple of days.

The bio attached to the account says: We’ve offered $20k to a #BBAU housemate to claim their freedom as we believe that no one should be locked into their home. It makes that $500 that Surly gave Zoe last night look pretty paltry.

They have tried to chopper in their offer as well as drop it off in a pizza boxes.

I expect all will be revealed at some point. Who do you think is behind it and why are they not wearing Reality Ravings logos…

Below are some small vignettes of their attempts: Here is the a blow up dolphin being choppered in: Let me know if you know who are behind these stunts.


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