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Aussie Ladette To Lady – Now What Are These Girls Like?

ladette-to-lady-aust-castIn today’s Daily Telegraph the Australian Ladette to Ladies have been deemed the worst bunch of contestants in the world. Woo hoo girls.

Rosemary Shrager who is the disciplinarian and cookery teacher in the UK series says the Australian contestant’s attitudes were worse than the British ladettes and on par with the US cast.

“I was seriously shocked,” Shrager says. “They were just awful and they came in with the most horrible attitude I have ever seen.”

TV Week bless them have done a preview on  Aussie Ladette To Lady which will be premiering on Channel 9 in February. The premise of the show is eight australian Ladettes are flown to England to go to Eggleston Hall where  the Head Mistress Gill Harboard trys to turn them into ladies. There is an elimination each week and there is a winner who I suppose is crowned top lady.

Anyway lets hear from the ladettes:
Zoe Irons 20 – “Everybody said I should do this show because I’m so loud and crazy. Iwas like, ‘Well you’ve got be in it to win it.’ So I got a bit drunk, did  a video and here I am.”

Sarah Brunton, 29 – “Imight get in touch with me feminine side. I don’t really know how to do all that – the make-up, the hair, wearing a skirt. I’d like to know how to do it without looking and feeling stupid.”

Nicole Mitchell, 20 – “I have a problem when I go out: I’ll start taking my clothes off in clubs and random places. I’m an exotic dancer, so I do it for work….. you’d think that’d be enough.”

Emily Biggs, 19 – “I’m hoping Ladette To Lady helps to make my voice a bit more ladylike and stops me from going out to much. Compared to most of the girls, I’m not a big boozer, but on the weekends I’m bad.”

Maria De Corraddo, 23 – “My dad doesn’t think I can stick it out. He thinks,’She’ll crack at one point and people won’t be able to control her.’ But he needs to take a look at the other Ladettes!”

Skye Harper 21, – “I look like a chick and act like a guy. Boyfriends are a wheel clamp – they hold you back and they hold you down. I want to do what I want to do.”

Kristyn Gohrt 21 – “I’m an absolute alcoholic – I drink every day, and a lot- plus, I swear and fart. I like who I am and I enjoy it. I have fun.”

Bianca Stevens,23 – “I fit all the requirements. Can you drink the boys under the table? Would you rather go to the footy than go shopping? Do you swear all the time? Yep, that’s definitely me! It’ll be a mad challenge.”

Sarah Brunton’s , and  Kristyn Gohrt’s have facebook supporter pages.

For more information on the contestants go to the official Channel 9 Ladette To Lady website. Hopefully Channel 9 will tell us soon what date it is going to air.


1 Dolph Ziggler { 01.20.09 at 5:00 pm }

Kristyn certainly sounds all class. Is there a prize for this show or do they just get a tiara and a cushion with a pea under it? By the sound of them, a feast of junk food followed by a robust shagging from Shane Warne would seem a good option.

2 daisy { 02.10.14 at 9:27 am }

Sounds a bit X rated marc.