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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8

Why all the secrecy about Gianne taking over from the injured Penny Higgs? It was obvious who it was going to be the last girl eliminated, why not just put in the press release that Gianne was back in?

I did feel sorry for Penny. She did say in an interview that she had been unhappy about her topless shots being shown in Australia. Apparently they were only meant for Denmark. Doesn’t she realise in this cyber world that these things always leak?

Also we knew she was upset but did channel ten have to show 5 minutes of footage of her bawling.

All Boys Routine – Broadway –  Chicago – Roxie’s Suite

 Adam Williams choreographed this Damn Yankees  routine to a Chicago song that confused me. I thought the beginning of this when they were off the stage was a mess. Timomatic never recovered. Don’t take this the wrong way and I would not normally say this but the whole routine was GAY. It was a camped up Red Sox team doing chest wiggles and Fosse type moves.

Jason Gilkison loved it. Matt Lee said good job. Jason Coleman thought it was macho. He and I definately have a different view of the definition of that word.

Amy and Timomatic – Contemporary – Newton Faulkner – To The Light

Sher Manu choreographed this quirky routine. I really liked it and I thought Amy was brilliant in it. Probably the best the most enjoyable routine I have seen her in. And she made Timomatic look good.  Rave reviews all gushing over Amy’s technique. Is she peaking at the right time? Did she knock her head in this routine?

Talia and Ben – Hip Hop – Beyonce – Diva

Rosa Agius choreographed this routine which with lesser dancers could have been a bit dull. But Talia’s dancing was excellent almost reminiscent of Comfort from last year’s SYTYCD. Ben was great as well and the unison was amazing.

Gianne and Charlie – Disco – Chic – Le Freak

Gianne was a solid gold dancer in a past life. Ok they probably did not get much time to rehearse, but Gianne rocks in this Aleeta Blackburn routine. Jason Coleman said he was going to judge the routine on the fact they only had one day to rehearse. Then he criticised them for being stiff arms in the turns.

Matt Lee said in a surprised voice “I think this week has effected the two of you the most.” DUH. SACK HIM NOW FOR BEING A COMPLETE MORON. Yes you were looking at one who had lost his partner, and the other a dancer called back in with one day to rehearse. What other dancers would have been effected by it more???

Kat and BJ – Foxtrot – The Godfather – The Godfather Waltz

Leanne Bampton choreographed this foxtrot. Leanne was Dicko’s partner on Dancing With The Stars. Now this is why you need a ballroom specialist  like Jason Gilkison on the judging panel as he can tell you whether you nailed it. He said it was the best foxtrot technique he had seen in the competition.

It was a lovely dance. BJ said he had to do some research for this role. I would have thought he wouldn’t have had the time to watch the three hour long movie.

Amy and Timomatic – Hip Hop Broadway – The Wiz – Ease Down The Road

Project Moda choreographed this routine based from the show The Wiz. Wow did Timomatic luck out this routine it so suited his style. I was lamenting at the beginning of the show that Tim was here and not Loredo, but Timomatic does deserve to still be on it.

Did Bonnie have to talk for so long on this one? Can we vote her out? This was the two Jason’s favourite routine of the evening.

Talia and Ben – Samba/Quickstep – Michael Buble – It Had Been a Better Night

I bet Kat wished she had had Talia costume on last week for her Samba when she was stuck in a leotard for her Samba. The Natalie Lowe routine was great. Is Jason now pimping for Talia to win? He said her dancing has improved so much since she started in the competition. Jason G gave Ben a bit of a tickle up about technique and also criticised the loss of eye contact.

Gianne and Charlie – Hip Hop – Broadway Project – The Wobble

Ok I interviewed Supple this week see it  here, and he was such a sweetie I am going to find it hard to bag the routine. It was original and of high quality, but not my favourite Supple routine. The judges loved it especially Charlie. I felt sorry for Gianne getting hip hop again considering it got her eliminated last week.

Kat and BJ – Jazz – Fatboy Slim – Wonderful Night

Lucky they were ex girlfriend/boyfriend as some of the moves were very intimate especially when she had her crotch right in his face. The Sue-Ellen Sook routine and the music was fun, but I am not sure how memorable it was. I think Kat will be bottom two again this week. I think her technique is not as strong as Tahlia and Amy.

Girls Routine -Dance Hall – Sean Paul -Watch Dem Roll

Tiana Joubert should have just given the girls a pole each and got it over and done with. I thought the pelvic thrusts were OTT. Matt Lee said “The problem with dance hall is that it looked a bit hoochie.” For the first time this year I agreed with Matt. Andrea Dworkin rolled over in her grave.

It was just such a waste of dancing talent. I normally like Tiana’s routines but tonight I did not need to see a D-Grade rap MTV clip. I note the boys Matt and Jason C both had difficulty with all the female overt sexuality. So if you are one of the thousand’s of people googling “Is Jason Coleman Gay?” you have your answer now.

Bottom two girls – Kat and Gianne. I think Amy and Talia are dead certs for final four.

Bottom two guys – I’m throwing at a dart board for this one. Charlie and Timomatic?

Your thoughts?


1 Anonymous { 03.30.09 at 5:55 am }

I don’t think Amy’s peaking – the judges gush over her all the time, tonight isn’t anything new. She could walk out on the stage and brush her teeth and they’d pat her head and give her a gold star.

2 Culinary Boner { 03.30.09 at 10:10 am }

This show would be so, so much better if they cut the inarticulate deadwood at the judge’s table, namely, the Gold Coast fashionista and Inspector Gadget’s sprog. The meaningless drivel this pair sprout is cringworthy and adds nothing in terms of either insight or entertainment. Raver, do I get a prize for interpreting the meaning of Matt’s trucker cap this week?

A bison in the top paddock galloping across the boundless prairies that pass for brainspace for this media non-performer, perhaps?

I can sorta understand Bonnie being there – she is an ex-root of the franchise’s supremo afterall (as an aside, Nig obviously knows the important signal that being nice to ex-roots sends out to other females). But why, oh why do we have to suffer Matt’s inanities?

3 bella vita { 03.30.09 at 1:06 pm }

mmm…where do i start?

If Gianne doesnt go tonight, there is a serious problem..they voted her out once..or will they play the sympathy card and give her another chance? No doubt the other girls would be pretty dirty if Gianne didnt go tonight.

Matt Lee PLEASE get an opinon that is your own. Seriously, i would be much happier to have the 2 Jason’s and nothing else. You can tell the look on the dancer’s face that they only pay attention to the 2 Jason’s. Bonnie is such serious dribble.

My fav routines of the night were Talia & Ben’s Samba/Foxtrot and anything with Any in it..she is seriously good.

Its time to go Kat, Gianne and Timomatic, though I also think that Charlie has overstayed his welcome.

In other news…i seriously hope Nat Bass does not win a all know my dislike for her.

4 reality raver { 03.30.09 at 4:01 pm }

Anon – I thought they had criticised Amy in the past for overacting in performances.

Culinary Boner – LOL I could not have said it any better myself.

Bella Vita – I agree I cannot see Gianne staying. I suppose she is expecting it. I presume the gold logie will go to Rove or Kate Ritchie.

5 Ella { 04.06.09 at 6:29 pm }

I knew Jason C was gay ever since he saw some girls dancing sexily in the audition rounds & he claimed that they had turned him hetero for a second! It’s funny though, for a gay man he seems awfully homophobic.

6 chosha { 04.13.09 at 1:09 am }

It’s not homophobic to tell a male dancer to be masculine. Many dance genres have strict gender differences where the male takes the stronger line or a leading role and the dance looks wrong if they don’t. At least way back when Rhys took a chance and wore the hooker boots for that tip 100 week routine, Jason acknowledged that he’d made the right choice because it was a Prince song and it suited. It’s what fits and some dances are very traditional and require the dancers to fit the traditional mold.