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Survivor Nicaragua – The Double Elimination Was Wasted

Got to love a double elimination as it always makes it far more interesting.

Here are some thoughts on the latest episode:

  • Marty maybe overplaying the game of Survivor, if it is possible;
  • Jill who I think has been playing it pretty smart does not seem to realise that she is hanging out with one of the guys with a mark
  • Brenda threw Marty under the bus trying to say that he was the one trying to get rid of Jane, however was it was a smart way of getting the immunity idol out of Marty – it did not work but it did go to a second vote but he still has the idol;
  • Marty looked like the crazy switch had gone off in his brain so it is going to be interesting in that tribe next week;
  • I cannot believe how paranoid they were about Kellie B for having one leg, thinking she will get the sympathy vote on the jury, considering the way they feel I don’t think anyone would vote for her;
  • I am not sure why they did not take the opportunity to vote out Marty when it went for the second vote;
  • The problem for Brenda now has she has signalled herself as a player on the tribe which will make her vulnerableurvi;
  • With the other tribe Holly won immunity and it was Yve fighting for survival, she tried to play down and dirty at tribal council to get the tribe to swing back her way, but it did not work and she was gone;
  • Dan is looking solid as no one thinks he is a threat, either physically or on the jury. However, if you can get to the end you can get the anyone but her/him vote.

Here is Jeff Probst blog who is just as confused about having Marty’s head on the chopping block and then giving him a reprieve. For the record I don’t read Jeff’s blog until I have finished mine.

Also here, and exit interviews with Kellie B and Yve.


1 angie @ water cooler oracle { 10.27.10 at 9:18 pm }

This is so the post they needed to have. I was starting to lose patience with the non-event that was this season.

I too can’t understand why they didn’t strike on Marty. But that’s Survivor – they can’t see the forrest for the trees.

I love Jeff’s posts too and don’t read them until I’ve done mine. Then I squee on the inside if we see the same thing. I take it as a sign we’re meant to be together! 😉

2 Panda { 10.27.10 at 11:39 pm }

Not voting Marty out on the second vote was extremely dum. It would make more sense if they had managed to flush the idol out in the first vote but I don’t get why they would risk keeping around a threat with an idol! At least with Kelly B they had numbers and could have gotten rid of her later. I think Marty thinks he is the new Russel but he can’t even manipulate Fabio so he isn’t as great as he thinks. I hope they switch the teams up again like they did on Gabon and Marty and Jill get split up. I also hope Fabio coasts through and beats all the ones trying to out manipulate each other. That would be awesome. 😀

3 Wurstsemmel { 10.28.10 at 9:30 am }

Marty should have been a goner. I’m finding this season a bit lame. Maybe these events will spice things up a bit.

Great photo, RR.

4 Colls Bolls { 10.29.10 at 11:48 am }

I thought that Alina misinterpreted what Yve was saying when she said she knew the other team well. I think she was saying that they should keep her around because she knew how all the older people would be thinking and strategizing but Alina took it that she was saying she was friends with them.

I am in reality world limbo at the moment, RR, I have to ignore your posts on Amazing Race and have not yet watched the last 3 episodes because my husband has been away and has not caught up with me yet. It’s terrible!!!