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Australia’s Next Top Model – Shooting in the Outback

Cassi Van Den Dungen is a confused and immature little girl. Why she thinks she can make a decision about getting married is a joke.  She spent most of the episode in tears wanting to leave the competition. Her mother was pretty peeved when she told her she was going to leave the competition and voiced her disappointment. I thought it was strange that her mother in a previous article thought Cassi was mature enough to get married. I hope her mother is watching the show to realise her daughter barely has the emotional maturity to decide what she should have for dinner.

I also thought her mother could have been less negative towards her. The only other person less mature than Cassi was her 24 year old fiance. What was with all that “I love you for ever and ever.”?

The episode started with girls coming down to the lounge area and found their pictures are on the faces of some toy animals, so it was no surprise they were off to a farm, but wearing animal costumes was.

Photographer Justin Spittle and the a very amusing stylist  were like characters off the set of Zoolander. He made the make up artist to do full on eye make up but then he did not like it once it was done. Cassi was told off by the photographer as he did not think she was trying. But then it was revealed all a set up. It was just to test the girl’s professionalism.

Then it was off to their real challenge where they had to model Cerroni jewellry whilst leaning on an ice sculptures. Ouch that must have hurt after awhile. Clare was a standout and Lola gave new meaning to the term brain freeze when she placed her head on a chunk of ice. But she did win a $2000 necklace.

Then it was off to South Australia to pose in the desert in for Russell James the photographer. It was a lingerie  shoot with the added bonus of having a male model to pose with.

They were told the story was they had broken down in the desert and the girls had to take the story along from there.

Clare kicked the shoot off and did a great job. The photographer said “She was just on another level from the other girls.”. Is she going to be the next Alice Burdeau?

Laura had a hideous black  g-string barely covered by a translucent skirt and the judges hated the photos. I don’t find Madison attractive at all with a face which barely moves and hair that looks like straw. As Alex Perry said “She just doesn’t have it.”.

Cassi pulled herself together on the shoot, and decided she wants to stay in the competition. She is photogenic. However the photographer said at the judges table that if she got through to the end not to let her win unless her attitude at photoshoots changes. He felt she just wanted to get out there and get the shots done as quickly as possible.

Laura and Madison were the bottom two. Madison was the one who was eliminated.

I am really loving Sarah Murdoch she is so natural and relaxed on camera, she actually mentors the girls, something Jodhi Meares did not do.


1 Injera { 05.27.09 at 7:11 pm }

God, Laura’s g-string was a crime! It did look as though it was going to be the end of her, so I’m glad Madison ended up with the boot. She can go and practice a new look – “fierce” only has so many applications.

I feel sorry for the other girls, having to put up with all the Cassi-drama, since it’s not even interesting. I agree that her mum could’ve been more supportive, but I did love the disconnect between how she characterised the conversation and how the conversation actually went. Cassi was all “she screamed at me, sob, sob, just yelling, sob, sob” but all I heard was a rather tired, unenthusiastic response from somebody who’s probably heard it all many times before.

2 Reality Raver { 05.28.09 at 12:16 am }

Love your observations on the conversation between Cassi and her mum. I have to admit I have a real negativity towards her mother, after reading in one of the papers she had moved to LA and was fine with Cassi hooking up with a 24 year old. I just got the feeling she did not want to be responsible for her anymore.

Have I missed make over week or did it already occur?

3 Laura { 05.28.09 at 2:01 am }

You missed it! The main changes were Laura, Adele, Mirkala & Frankie. Everyone else got the same/hair extensions.
I’m loving Clare, Adele & Tahnee. I’d like to believe that they will be the top 3 but I have a terrible prenomition that Cassi will be in the finals, judging from the favouriable editing she has been given – even though she still comes off as an immature bogan with anger issues, the editing is such that she has come across as someone who doesn’t know any better & wants to improve herself. I can’t believe they have allowed her to remain in the house after assaulting Clare last week.
I like that they have barely mentioned weight this year even though several of the girls are bigger than average working models i.e. Lola, Tahnee, even Laura. I think that it is implied that the girls with the best bodies will go further unless those girls excel, which will become more evident in go-sees. It must be Sarah’s influence as she is on the Federal Government body image advisory board.
I agree RR, Sarah is a great addition to ANTM. She is a lot more warm & motherly toward the girls but still tough on them when she needs to be. And much better at public speaking!

4 bella vita { 05.29.09 at 2:36 pm }

AHHHHH! Cassi….It made me laugh when her Mum Said “well cass you will always do what you want to do anyway”.

I was very jealous to see the girls wearing the Cerrone jewellery…and how dare Lola win that necklace! I would have happily froze my nose on that sculpture for that!

Thought it was hilarious that in almost every close up clip in the outback everyone had flies crawling all over their faces.

Is it just me or is Jonathan trying to be really hard nosed this season? He probably got a good talking to about his off screen behaviour and has now decided he has to be more of a serious influence..but i still can’t stand him. He is such a wannabee Jay Manuel.

Sarah Murdoch FAB FAB fantastic to see her in just more than the eliminations and actually getting out there with a girls in a variety of stories.

Laura MUST go next week. I’m surprised she has lasted this long as there are better looking Asian out there than her.

5 Laura { 06.01.09 at 3:26 am }

Oh I think Laura is beautiful. Her long hair showcased her better though – I don’t think that her “makeover” is doing her any favours, especially the fringe.