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MasterChef Australia – Kate and Josh Nearly Confirmed They Were More Then Friends

TV Week have  been a bit opportunistic this week, by not putting the interview of the latest person to be eliminated from MasterChef Australia on their website, but making us buy the magazine to see it. Obviously they were keen to cash in on the interest in Kate and Josh rumour.

The article titled Did Kate Leave For Love?  does nothing to refute those rumours.

The article said:

Kate’s decision to eliminate herself from MasterChef sent shock waves through the competition last week. After  a hung vote, the 20-year-old forfeited her place in favour of mother-of-two Sandra.

Kate’s move capped off a tense week. The divide among the contestants came to the fore after fishmonger Josh was eliminated, sending Kate into a fit of tears and sparking a heated discussion between the competitors. But despite speculation, Kate says neither the tension in the house nor her feeling for  Josh were driving factors in her decision to go home.

“After Josh was eliminated, the tension hit its peak,” she admits. “Accusations were flying that it was a rigged elimination, so it did get awkward in the house. But when I was cooking, I didn’t let that stuff affect me. So my decision to leave wasn’t based on any drama that had been going on.”

Kate, who began sleeping in Josh’s bed after he left does, however acknowledge that she felt his absence. “Josh and I have been close since day one, so as soon as he left I was sort of on my own,” she say. “I was missing him.”

According to Kate, the main reason she walked away from the MasterChef opportunity was because: “I didn’t have my heart in it 100 per cent anymore and I knew Sandra did. My dream is to be a pastry chef and the more the competition went on, the more I realised I wasn’t going to get to cook the food that I love.”

Romance Update

TV Week also had an article titled Romance Update:

It said:

Now back in their home town of Perth, Josh and Kate have been spending plenty of time together. So has their undeniable chemistry finally developed into a relationship?

While both Kate and Josh coyly tell TV WEEK they’re still just good friends, Kate reveals that they’re planning to move in together and have begun house hunting!

“We’re in  the process of finding a house with another housemate,” she say. “We’re closer than ever, but we’re not in a relationship as such.”

While they may not be ready to take the next step just yet, the pari haven’t ruled out a future romance. “Who’s to say what will happen,” Kate says.”The friendship we have now is priceless, so if something happens, so be it, but right now we’re both content with the way we are.”

“I don’t have a crystal ball,”Josh says. “I don’t know – we’re good friends at the moment and that’s how it’s going to stay for a while, I think.”

The article is very will they or won’t they, or are they or aren’t they. One thing for certain it has put to bed the Kate and Sam rumours. However maybe Kate is a beard for the Sam and Josh rumours since Josh did put that hickey on his neck!


1 Injera { 06.01.09 at 5:23 pm }

Love it! Kate as beard, now it all makes sense!

Seriously, though, she began sleeping in Josh’s bed after he left? That’s batshit crazy.

2 Reality Raver { 06.01.09 at 11:33 pm }

Agree the bed bit was a bit unhinged.

3 CG { 06.02.09 at 1:24 am }

Hmm. Josh, Sam and Trevor shared a room. Josh left. Kate started sleeping in Josh’s bed. And Sam and Trevor voted to keep Kate in (were part of the coalition). I wondered why Trevor sided with the kiddies as opposed to the ones more his age like Chris, Sandra, Lucas, etc. All kinds of theories (and images of threesomes) come to mind! Stop it! Gotta try and go to sleep now.

4 Reality Raver { 06.02.09 at 11:30 am }

CG – I love it CG, I love it. Keep these theories coming. Maybe it was the first time Trevor had been near a nubile young body for years.

5 Olivia { 07.17.09 at 7:28 pm }

it’s ironic how all the europeans have gone… and im so glad chris left! he was an arrogant jerk.. and he was up himself. i wish kate,sam or josh won!!

6 Dianne { 11.02.09 at 3:36 am }

Watching this program in NZ at the moment. Chris and Justine are the stand outs in this competition. I love there competants and leadership. By far the best in the competion. How on earth did that woman Julie win. She was sweaty, clumsy and downright hopeless.

7 Maya { 06.04.12 at 7:57 am }

Ha-ha! And where do the Australians come from??? The ones that “invaded” it, I mean?? What a stupid comment, Olivia.

8 Andy Pandy { 06.04.12 at 11:10 am }

Maya, why are you commenting on something that happened over three years ago? I can’t even remember much of season 1 except that Julie was the winner and I bet Olivia can’t even remember saying that comment , whatever it was about! We are on to season 4 now.