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Masterchef Australia – Dom Lifts The Lid On Other Illusions From The Series

Dom who was eliminated last night because of an underwhelming black forest cake has also revealed that the replating of the the dessert in the celebrity challenge is not the only thing that occurs behind the scenes on the show.

He reveals to the Daily Telegraph that it can sometimes be hours between completing the dish and the tasting of them. This is not new as this was in an article earlier this year in the Masterchef Australia magazine supplement in the Sunday Telegraph. In that article they stated they already had an idea on how they would taste as they go around tasting as the dishes are being prepared.

He said:

The Sydney software expert admits that hours can pass between plating up and judging, with the show’s three experts often feigning enjoyment when tasting dishes that have been kept warm all day.

“You do understand the gap between us finishing and them tasting is hours sometimes, so by the time the judges taste it it’s totally different,” Corrigan told Confidential yesterday.

“And the judges taste it and go, ‘Mmmm’. I wouldn’t put that in my mouth let alone look happy about it.”

He also revealed that there is not constant tears in the Masterchef house either.

He said:

“But I certainly didn’t get the feeling, live, that people were falling apart and crying all the time. But obviously they’ve had a production bias towards that to create the emotion on the show.”

He has tipped Marion Grasby to win this year’sMasterChef crown.


1 Anthony { 05.11.10 at 11:19 am }

Does the fact that he tipped Marion to win, mean that she goes far? Or is he playing with us?

2 RarelySeen { 05.11.10 at 11:50 am }

I’m sad to see the Dominator go, he was a great personality bossing the others about whether they needed it or not. However, I LOVE Joanne. She is quiet, sincere, and gets on with the job without any tears. I would like to see more of the ‘cardboard’ competitors who seem to be there just to fill the BG of the room so far.

3 reality raver { 05.11.10 at 1:39 pm }

Anthony I don’t think he has any inside goss, as Devon picked Adele for the win.

Rarely seen – Yes Joanne needs more air time.

4 sourkraut { 05.11.10 at 2:25 pm }

After this revelation how can they continue to claim its v”reality” TV? What a waste of time. Just reinforces the multiple ways conspiracies can be brought in to play. One pathetic example among heaps of others i could mention if i wsn’t too lazy,is Keep one persons food luke warm and the others hot for the tasting hours later. bit like the infamous coke vs pepsi taste tests where one or the other is colder and hence more tasteworthy for the trial consumer on a hot day etc etc etc

5 kate (not THAT Kate!) { 05.11.10 at 5:43 pm }

Hmm, well the level of fakery has been pretty obvious for a while. I just wish they’d get over the excessive focus on the reality tv dimension and focus more on the cooking comp side of things.

Let me count a few of the ways that I’m pretty sure are involved:
. the filming of the commentaries on the day, including from departed contestants (like sure they drive off straightaway), clearly takes place after the main event, the ‘ohh, I don’t really know the outcome’ postures notwithstanding (they are just such bad actors);
.how much time elapses between the mystery box contents being revealed (assuming they haven’t been told the day before or something) and the start of cooking? The editing suggests none, but I’d guess quite a lot….
. how much warning do they get of the invention test? Quite my favourite moment is the oohs and aahs let out when the theme of the invention test has been revealed. The giveaway was the night of the japanese challenge, seeing a shot of them getting up for the day in the house and Callum (who won the challenge) reading…a Japanese cookbook over his toast
.the hugs and kisses between contestants going on now (clearly the sample audiences or feedback on earlier cuts told them to cut the rivalry stuff down – so now we have to have a group love-in between people who clearly were hoping to defeat each other, like Dom and Matthew last night!);
. last year no one ever forgot a vital ingredient despite the (totally silly) minimal amount of time they get in the pantry and the apparent no going back rule. This year someone did very early on – I’m betting last year they would have let him go back; this year they wanted to try and make it look more genuine.

I’m sure there is a lot more that can be added to the list (did George know about the pip from the commentariat on the balcony and go searching???).

A little more honesty and transparency (show them all sitting around waiting for things to restart?) would go a long way to livening up this show.

6 Pollywaffle { 05.11.10 at 6:36 pm }

Good comments all around on the staging of the show.

I’ve never subscribed to the view it is filmed in real time apart from the timed cooking challenge sections. This show is so big, C10 would be slaving over the production- food stylists to the left, hair driers/sweat mops to the right.

I cant believe for instance that no MC contestant that I can recall, has endured a big plate spill moment on the way to the judges desk – surely someone had dropped their food but we’ve never witnessed much of that.

I would imagine that MC does a lot of prepping to keep the show alive

…. entrants must be given some indications of cooking themes and techniques that ‘could be called upon’ – hence the japanese swotting.

…. the tastings would have to be spread over hours ( 75 tastings currently, thats over 6 hours for 3 judges if they were 5 mins each back to back). There is no way Matt P could stand under those lights in those heavy suits and taste all those dishes consecutively without flinging off his cravat at the 2 hour mark. So there must be a lot of congealed crap consumed.

… as we all nod about, recaps are highly scripted and edited to try and foil us about the outcome so they are just useless to watch – I’ve a habit of FFwding them …. dont mind if I miss the predictable comments….

” Thats when I thought I was definitely gone’.

” There was no way I was going to plate up on time”

” I lost it, I had a meltdown”….

and then magically that person is in the top 3. What a shock, this show is such a ride!

It would also be nice to hear some original comments from contestants – nice or nasty, as pointed out in the recent blogs.

I dont think anyone really uses the phrase ” Im absolutely ‘gourted’ or ” I put my heart on the plate” but I know they do use, ” I nearly wet myself” and ” bugger that was my idea”….wish there was someone who could be allowed to speak ‘real’ and lose the script!

7 rusty { 05.11.10 at 11:00 pm }

Agree with the above – a pity there isn’t a bit more of the reality in this reality tv show.