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Cast Of The Block Revealed And It Will Be Filmed In Vaucluse

The block

Channel Nine have definitely put a big investment into the come back of the hit TV show The Block, by buying up a set of four apartments in the upmarket suburb of Vaucluse in Sydney.

The show will be hosted by Nine’s resident carpenter Scott Cam who has said “No doubt we’ll be enforcing the strict noise regulations, given some of the neighbours.”

Richard Clune’s TV column in the Sunday Telegraph reveals who the cast is going to be:

* Erin and Jake – engaged sporting couple, Jake is currently training to represent Australia in kayaking at the next Olympics.

* Duncan and Mark – best mates who met in a hardware store 20 years ago.

* Brenton and Cheryl – a dating couple, he’s a construction worker and she’s a real estate agent with a passion for interior design.

* Neisha and John – married four years, John works as a construction engineer while Neisha is a pre-school teacher.

Filming has commenced but no word on the premiere date of the series.


1 Zoe { 06.13.10 at 11:18 am }

Duncan and Mark, totally! I bet neither of them sheds one tear, ever, in the whole series, even when they win.

2 Injera { 06.13.10 at 11:22 am }

I’m really looking forward to this! Nine doesn’t have a great track record with reality shows, but this is one of the greats. Hope the cast works well as that is key – second season was a bit meh.

3 CG { 06.13.10 at 11:32 am }

From these brief profiles, Brenton and Cheryl would seem to have an advantage?

Ch9 can’t get reality shows right in recent years. Part of MC’s success is it comes on during the peak of winter when its cold and people are spending more time indoors (cooking and eating). If The Block starts too late it will start running into the warmer weather. The real estate market is also cooling.

That said, I really liked the first season of The Block (less the uber annoying Amity Dry) so I hope this series is successful and fun!

4 Wurstsemmel { 06.13.10 at 1:19 pm }

Can’t wait! This is a great show.

5 dmc { 06.13.10 at 2:08 pm }

Apartment block in Vaucluse?

Must be the Old South Head Road, ‘cheaper’ side.

6 par3182 { 06.13.10 at 2:33 pm }

That’s the most unattractive reality cast since The Biggest Loser.

7 amy { 06.20.10 at 2:09 pm }

par3182, I think you’ll take that back when the show starts, just a bad photo

8 david { 06.26.10 at 4:54 pm }

Where are the usual stock standard model types or the eccentric nutters?
Everybody looks rather homely and kinda bland. Me thinks they’re trying to appeal to the bogan viewers who’ll feel warm and fuzzy cause they can ‘relate’ to them.
Will give it a miss.

9 Shelley Kraft { 07.06.10 at 9:13 pm }

Loves that this reality show is back. The couplesare certainly no oil paintings…dont know if this will affect the popularity of the show. The First show was the best. The second had a couple of pyscho’s in it (Steve and Kristy) which spoilt it. Hence you couldnt even buy the show DVD after the auction.
Vaucluse has a few old blocks…thought they may have picked Maroubra, Brighton or Cronulla – looking forward to show number 3!!

10 phil { 07.06.10 at 9:17 pm }

Well we have the token gay couple in The Block again. Makes the bitching interesting…ha!

11 Claire { 07.16.10 at 8:34 am }

I’m pretty sure the 2 boys are just mates. My partner & I were in the final 8 considered couples, I have a feeling we would have been the token same-sex couple, and we would have been great too :) We’re still looking forward to watching it.

12 nittywitty { 07.18.10 at 10:34 pm }

Is the building’s address 107 New South Head Road? If so, was it purchased by channel 9 on 5/5/10 for $3.4 million? Wow $850K per unit before channel 9 makes improvements in readiness for the couples and then the improvements by the couples themselves. Don’t think it’ll be as good as the first series though. The good looking contestants were a drawcard and you can’t beat gays for great style.

13 rak { 07.26.10 at 4:55 pm }

um ok for 1 par3182 the show isnt americas next top model there not meant to be good looking they are there to renovate a unit and phil maybe you should have read the blurb on each couple before making a statment about duncan and mark it says they are best mates not a gay couple so maybe dont watch it because seeing as there not gay it wont be as interesting for u.u must be on of thse token guys if u think that its going to be interesting to watch a gay couple.

14 Christine Rohde { 11.20.10 at 5:19 pm }

Great show. Love every minute of it. How do we apply to get on it?

15 Nic { 06.19.12 at 11:47 pm }

HAHA Best season!

16 Chjristine Rohde { 06.22.12 at 1:19 am }

The Block this year 2012 is disappointing. How come there are always young couples chosen to participate? There should not be an age limit on contestants. Would like to see a show of a parent with either a son or daughter competing. Also the criminal record stigma – if someone has made a mistake in the past (could be years ago) this should NOT stop them from applying and being part of your reality show. This to me is discrimination.