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Celebrity Apprentice Australia – Peter Everett Being Left Off The Brochures Was The Least Of The Indignities He Suffered

At the end of the latest episode of The Celebrity Apprentice the viewer was meant to see Roxy Jacenko as the villain and overbearing personality but as this episode unfolded I started to feel increasingly uncomfortable about what was occurring on the male team aka Team Fabulous as their behaviour towards Peter Everett was anything but fabulous.

All throughout the episode Peter Everett was the butt of jokes and appeared to be marginalised by his team. The alpha males thought their behaviour was OK and not demeaning because they “loved” Peter. It was all dressed up as alpha males being alpha males. And did I say it was all so subtle.

This behaviour  was presented as being normal.

Was it what was really happening or was it the editing and should it have been edited that way for the viewers to see Peter being perceived as a ditz. I am not sure whether Peter is gay or not but it was clear the alpha boys did.  Their actions and comments reeked of  homophobia. It culiminated in Rob Mills saying in the board room that Peter had ADOS (Attention Deficit Oh Shiny).

The behaviour was oh so subtle that at first it was hard to work out why I was feeling uncomfortable. It reminded me of a group of  in boys at school who would let the “nerdy” guy hang out with him but he would be the butt of their jokes and slowly chip away at his self esteem. Sure Peter has more life skills to deal with this situation then that guy had back then but most people know it is hard to go against the pack.

Jeff Fenech and co probably thought they were not doing anything wrong but having a bit of a lark. It was like being subjected to covert sexism, racism or bullying in the workplace. You know it is happening to you but you cannot quite articulate what it is or what your work colleagues are doing.

Like any workplace situation Peter had to suck it up in the board room and say it was all fine because he would have looked churlish. After Dermot’s team speech about an different issue, clearly Peter felt he had to take it on the chin for the team.

However it was the little stuff that irked me like Jeff Fenech putting gaffer tape on Peter’s shirt, and spraying him in the face and just how they talked down to him.

Also Jeff purposely not mentioning that Peter Everett’s name was not on the brochure, sure it was to have a go at Project Manager, Peter Berner but if it had been his mate Jeff Steffenson’s name left off I am sure he would have mentioned it quicker. The leaving his name off the brochure was a mistake but indicated he was not top of mind, however it was probably not the greatest indignity he suffered this episode.

The editors are not without culpability, making sure they kept in Stephanie Rice’s comment that Peter Everett was “Dermott’s girlfriend” so clearly the production company were trying to or happy to typecast him in a certain way.

Peter probably has a schtick that is his on screen persona as Dermot Brereton said he gets distracted and forgets what he is meant to be doing which would be frustrating. He is definitely likeable and appears to be a viewer favourite and he is not eliciting derogatory comments from the fans of this show.

But what did Peter Everett think? Ironically this morning I opened this week’s TV WEEK and there was a interview titled “Ready, Steady, Sook”(I will let that one go through the keeper) where he said friends warned him it would be tough but Peter Everett was shocked at the treatment he got on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Here are some of his quotes from that article:

“I really hated the way they patronised me”

“I did feel like an outsider, but I didn’t want to be paranoid about it – I’ve never really had people gang up on me like that”

“They’ve asked me to do the show a couple of times but I’ve said no, because I didn’t feel physically or mentally strong enough”

“Even when I said yes to this series, my friends asked me if I had watched the show because they were worried about me. They knew it was vicious and didn’t think I could deal with it”

“I’m still having trouble sleeping and I also got a case of shingles following the end of the show, which my doctor has attributed to stress.”

“That stung when I was left off the flier, I was upset”

“I didn’t know if it showed how forgettable I am or if my teammates were just egotistical, but either way it was quite hard to deal with.”

He admitted he found it hard to find common ground with his team mates.

“People have suggested to me that my teammates were threatened by me, but that didn’t make sense because they  kept saying how weak and insignificant I was”

“I had a real issue with Rob Mills, which amazed me because he’s a creative chap, so I thought we’d be on the same wavelength”

“When I’d speak up, he would speak over me and say I was emotionally demanding and too sensitive – it became very hard for me to make myself heard”.

Whether it was homophobia or whether it is just the way alpha male treat non-alpha don’t know but this behavious is seen by fans and does appear to say treating someone that way is OK. 

What do you think? Am I reading too much into 90 minutes of reality TV?

By the way a more lighthearted recap about the episode will follow.


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